If you’re the manager of your social media accounts, you’re aware of how vital it is to remain on top of your game on the internet. Being part of your customers’ routines ensures that your brand is always at the forefront of their minds when they’re looking to purchase. One method to achieve this is to jump on the latest trends in content!

Let’s discuss the reasons why taking advantage of social media’s trending topics is a must-have for businesses, including seven cafes (and one incredible multimedia artist) making use of Ripples to effortlessly and quickly be a part of the latest social media trends.

1. Increased visibility: when you join popular conversations, you reach huge audiences, giving your business a major increase in visibility. Increased attention to your content means more people following, as well as higher engagement and increased brand recognition.

Artist genius Rudy Willingham used Ripples to create stop-motion animations to honor this wildly famous show.

2. Connection and Relevance: Being in tune with current trends demonstrates that your brand is relevant and relevant to the needs of your target audience. It’s not only about being on social media platforms but also actively engaging in conversations that are relevant to your people, forming a strong connection with them.

Companies across the globe are OBSESSING about the new Barbie film. We’re in awe of how Vivi&Co in Glasgow connected their own brand’s message with this basic, trendy blog.

3. Viral Potential: The latest trends could be viral. If you produce captivating content on these topics, the content is most likely to get shared, liked, and discussed by a larger crowd, which can lead to organic growth without the expense of advertising expenses.

Marketing in real-time! Alexandra Lourdes, owner of Cafe Lola, a coffee shop that Ripples Cafe Lola powers, created her humorous reference to Grimace shake. Grimace shake TikTok trend.

4. The Real-Time Market Opportunity: New trends emerge in unexpected ways, offering opportunities for marketing in real time. Being able to quickly adapt and develop content that is relevant to these issues allows you to make the most of the current fierce and urgent mood by engaging your target audience at the moment it’s most crucial.

San Remo Bakery went all into supporting its community NHL team. Let’s go, Leafs!

5. Engagement with the Audience Engaging in topics that are trending will allow you to engage your followers with issues that are timely and relevant. Affiliating your messages with what they’re discussing helps to get their attention and also encourages comments, likes, and shares.

World-wide swifties join together to celebrate the Eras tour. They also meet during lunchtime at Carrera Cafe.

6. Competitive edge: by actively engaging in the latest topics, you show flexibility and agility when it comes to your advertising. This will give you an edge over competitors who may not be as eager to be a part of discussions, proving that you’re at the top of your game.

Red Maple Cafe joins the world in mourning the loss of a legend.

7. Relevance to Culture The trends in social media usually reflect wider cultural changes and conversations. If you are a part of these trends, you demonstrate that you appreciate and understand the context of culture, creating an image that is positive for your brand and interacting with clients who are a part of your beliefs.

Joffrey’s Coffee and Tea celebrates the beginning of AAPI (Asian American Pacific Islander) Heritage Month in a very Disney manner.

In simple terms, taking advantage of popular social media topics can be a game changer. It increases your visibility, ensures that you are current, and allows you to communicate with your followers in real time. The addition of Ripples to your toolkit will enable you to take part in these conversations within a matter of minutes. It’s also an easy way to be responsive to trends and grow through creating content that connects to the current news and the ever-changing market preferences.


It’s a fact that the majority of patrons want baristas to serve Latte art alongside their milk-based drinks, and they’re absolutely right to do it. Not only do high-contrast and sharp designs for lattes enhance drinks’ aesthetic appeal, but they also showcase the barista’s knowledge and enthusiasm for a coffee that’s specialized.

In the end, the latte art style will continue to play an important role in coffee shops. In recent years, the increased dependence of the coffee industry on automation and the need for innovative ideas has resulted in the development of innovative technology in the beverage industry. Digital printers are among them, which are often called Latte Art Printers.

These machines print a variety of high-resolution images and design directly onto beverages, which include drinks made from beverages made from milk, such as beer, and various other liquids.

In light of the need to be more visible than ever due to the rise of digital printing, cafés across the world invest in digital printers to make a statement and be noticed.

What are these systems exactly? What are their functions in actual use? What are the benefits of using these techniques? To get more information, I spoke to Yossi Meshulam, co-founder and chief executive officer at Ripples.