Asia makes up about 30 percent of the globe’s surface. However, there is only one consensus on which place is the best place to drink on this vast continent: Hong Kong’s Coa, and it was named the best bar in Asia for a record-breaking third time consecutively.

This bar is centered on mezcal, and Jay Khan manages agave spirit.

The winners of the top 50 categories were announced during a joyful party in Hong City’s Rosewood Hotel on July 18.

Seven Hong Kong bars landed in the top 50, including sustainability-centric Penicillin (at number 26) and The Old Man, whose name and concept were inspired by Ernest Hemingway (47th place).

Beckaly Franks of Hong Kong’s The Pontiac.

A Hong Konger, an American Beckaly Franks, was hailed as the “bartender’s bartender,” winning the prestigious Bar The Pontiac. The bar in Hong Kong, which Franks declares was named in honor of its patron, the Native American Chief Pontiac, is staffed entirely by women and is open to LGBT patrons.

Singapore had the most winning bars in Asia, with an astounding 11 bars among the Top 50.

Alongside naming the top 50 bars, the 50 Best organization also evaluates restaurants and, shortly, hotels – also awarded “best in destination” prizes for bars that had the top-rated within their city, country, or region.

Cold pizza in a glass? The popularity of cocktails with savory flavors

Trigona, located in the Four Seasons Hotel in Kuala Lumpur, was ranked 36th and the top spot of bars in Malaysia.

Rohan Matmary from Trigona, the head bar manager and bartender, was present in person to mark the occasion. This was his first trip to the city of Hong Kong.

“It’s amazing to represent Malaysia,” Matmary told CNN Travel. He noted that most of the population is Muslim and does not drink alcohol. Matmary said, “The (bar) scene is small but growing as fast as it can.”

A local Hong Kong crowd began chanting “Coa! Coa!” even before the bar that was ranked number one was made public.

Representatives from the 50 most prestigious venues were in attendance wearing red scarves that allowed them to be easily identified amid the chaos and, through the elimination process, it was clear who would win when Singapore’s Jigger & Pony was announced as the second-placed venue.

However, Khan Coa, who recently launched the Savory Project in Hong Kong with his partner Ajit Gurung, insists that he won’t let Coa’s achievements go to his head.

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“We’re going to keep everything the same and see what happens,” he stated at a press conference that followed the ceremony. “One day we’re not going to be crowned number one, and that’s okay.”

The list was compiled based on the votes of Asia’s 50 most popular Bars Academy, which comprises representatives from the media, bar industry, and regional mixology experts.

Jay Khan of award-winning Coa.

Asia’s 50 Best Bars 2023

1. COA (Hong Kong)

2. Jigger & Pony (Singapore)

3. BKK Social Club (Bangkok)

4. Bar Benfiddich (Tokyo)

5. Zest (Seoul)

6. Tropic City (Bangkok)

7. Nutmeg and Clove (Singapore)

8. Argo (Hong Kong)

9. Darkside (Hong Kong)

10. Sago House (Singapore)

11. Indulge Experimental Bistro (Taipei)

12. Vesper (Bangkok)

13. Cham Bar (Seoul)

14. The SG Club (Tokyo)

15. Analogue Initiative (Singapore)

16. Republic (Singapore)

17. The Aubrey (Hong Kong)

18. Sidecar (New Delhi)

19. The Cocktail Club (Jakarta)

20. Virtu (Tokyo)

21. Manhattan (Singapore)

22. Mahaniyom Cocktail Bar (Bangkok)

23. Lamp Bar (Nara)

24. 28 HongKong Street (Singapore)

25. Le Chamber (Seoul)

26. Penicillin (Hong Kong)

27. Atlas (Singapore)

28. Alice (Seoul)

29. Pantja (Jakarta)

30. Employees Only (Singapore)

31. Quinary (Hong Kong)

32. Stay Gold Flamingo (Singapore)

33. Mostly Harmless (Hong Kong)

34. The Curator (Manila)

35. The Bombay Canteen (Mumbai)

36. Bar Trigona (Kuala Lumpur)

37. Southside Parlor (Seoul)

38. Copitas (Bengaluru)

39. Hope & Sesame (Guangzhou)

40. Smoke & Bitters (Hiriketiya)

41. Vender (Taichung)

42. Native (Singapore)

43. The Public House (Taipei)

44. Bee’s Knees (Kyoto)

45. High Five (Tokyo)

46. Soko (Seoul)

47. The Old Man (Hong Kong)

48. The Living Room (Mumbai)

49. The Bellwood (Tokyo)

50. Penrose (Kuala Lumpur)