What’s summer without the pleasure of a Gin and Tonic? While bars have opened, you can leave to have this classic summer drink.

Below are some suggestions as well as recipes made by Greenall’s master Distiller, Joanne Moore, to help you prepare perfect cocktails throughout summer.

  • Keep your gin in a cool, dry place: Although most people put their gin into an open cupboard, a good idea is to put it in the refrigerator. This will keep it cool and refreshing.
  • Lower the temperature of your refrigerator The normal fridge in your home is set at 7C, it’s suggested to reduce it by 5C to account for opening and closing the door. By chilling the drink at this temperature you’re reducing the impact of alcohol on taste buds, which allows the flavor of spirit to be evident – which makes for a better and refreshing drink.
  • Try to get a 25-minute timeframe Based on one measure in Greenall’s Gin (25ml) in comparison to 7.5 parts tonic and chilled to 5 degrees 5.C, a G&T stays perfectly carbonated for around 25 minutes. So, when drinking at home, think about this as the ideal time to enjoy the perfect, refreshing G&T when you’ve made it.
  • Hi-balls over balloons Balloon glasses are popular but a standard hi-ball can be equally effective in maximizing the coldness. Cool the glass in the freezer and after removal long glass will keep the drink cool for longer while reducing the amount of air getting in the beverage.
  • Do not overdo it with of ice. Although ice can be the best option to keep drinks cool but too much incorrectly-sized, or even cracked ice could alter the taste of the drink since it melts more quickly and reduces the flavor of the tonic. A quarter of a glass is the best amount to use – and in the event that the gin and tonic are chilled to the ideal temperature, then the ice will be slower to melt.
  • Make sure your garnishes are frozen: While the gin and tonic are clearly the most crucial components but garnishes play crucial roles in maximizing the coldness and flavor. For Greenall’s Gin we suggest using lime and lemonade cut into pieces and place them in Tupperware in order to prevent freeze burn – and then place it in the freezer for until 24 hours ahead of having your drink.
  • A slow, steady pour If you’re drinking a glass of wine from a bottle at home think about pouring it into glassware slowly, so that you don’t lose that vital fizz – exactly like when pouring the beer.

Basil smash


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50ml Greenall’s original Gin

Fresh lemon juice 25ml

12.5 sugar syrup

8 fresh basil leaves


1. Place basil in the bottom of a cocktail shaker. Muddle it lightly.

2. Add Greenall’s Gin and the remaining ingredients.

3. Shake with ice, then strain.

4. Pour it into an ice-filled tumbler glass.

Summer garden



50ml of Greenall’s original gin

10ml pink grapefruit juice

Lemonade pink

Strawberry Slices

A sprig of rosemary


1. Add 50ml Greenall’s to the glass.

2. Mix 10ml pink grapefruit juice, and some strawberry slices.

3. Fill the glass with ice and top with pink lemonade.

4. Mix gently until it is all combined.

5. Sprinkle the rosemary plant “to wake up” then serve it as a garnish with strawberries and a few cracked black pepper

Honey and blueberry punch



350ml Greenall’s Blueberry gin

Lime juice 100mL

150mL honey water (mix the honey with water to make equal portions)

2 mint sprigs



Strawberry Slices to serve as garnish


1.Add Greenall’s Blueberry Gin to pitcher, followed by lime juice, and honey water.

2. Remove mint leaves and then pull off the leaves. Then, slap on the floor to “wake up” the mint before adding.

3. Incorporate a handful of blueberries, and lots of Ice.

4. Finish with Prosecco and garnish with strawberries.