In celebration in celebration of Earth Day, we’ve gathered some of our top sustainable fashions from coffee houses across the globe. These are small, powerful steps that really make a difference.

  1. Composting

If you’re still not getting started, it’s a great method to dip your toe into the waters of sustainability. Contacting local growers and redirecting the coffee grounds that you have used to them is an excellent beginning step towards reducing garbage to landfills.

2. eco-friendly Packaging

Eliminating single-use plastics would have a significant, visible impact that your customers would be aware of and will help. Based on the First insight report (2020), most Gen Z shoppers prefer to purchase sustainable brands and are more willing to spend around 10% more on those items.

3. Offer milk derived from plants

Animal agriculture is a significant source of greenhouse gas emissions and requires an enormous amount of water and land. If coffee shops offer plant-based alternatives to milk, such as almond, soy, or Oat milk, cafes can lessen their impact on the environment and also provide more choices for those with food limitations.

Stumptown Coffee Roasters has even stated that it would offer Oat Milk as the standard for every milk-paired drink throughout the chain.

4. Make sure you print content for the cause and be part of our campaign!

Everyone loves a good latte with a bit of extra flair. Why not put fun, earth-friendly messages on the foam? Your customers will not only enjoy the design, but it’s also a fun and easy method to help spread awareness of sustainable causes that you are passionate about.


To celebrate Earth Day 2023, we’re thrilled to be partnering in partnership with one of our most cherished local non-profit organizations, Zalul. They’re committed to cleaning the waters and rivers of Israel, and its founder, Benjamin Kahn, was named a Hero of the Environment by TIME magazine.

Between April 21 and May 6, 2023, we’ll give 10C to this amazing charity for each Ripples print in the “Earth Day and Oceans” collection.

Each print that is sent out by the channel is worth an additional ten cents to the business.

Are you missing the Ripple Maker? Make use of Ripples WebApp Ripples WebApp to locate a location that participates in the program to enjoy drinks that support the conservation of coral reefs and fish.

Garnish 3.0

In the 1980s, you might have dreamed of visiting an establishment where everyone knew your name. However, in 2023, you’d love an establishment that can put the name of your patron (or even a photo of your pet!) over your preferred drink. Ripples Bev-Top media takes cocktail garnish to a new level. It transforms the foam of glass into a blank canvas that can be printed with customized designs on a large scale for just 10 minutes per drink.

It is possible to print virtually everything from high-resolution images as well as fun doodles and festive greetings to local promotions and even special deals. Customers can also upload their ideas and designs via their photos and techniques using the Ripples Web App. It allows you to include branded drink frames in any print and guarantees you publicity when people share pictures of their drinks on social media. The Last Word our friends at The Last Word, have created this beautiful cake topper for weddings.

Improve your Rims

Why should you limit yourself to salted margaritas? Unexpected rims can be like a party at the highest point of the glass. It’s fascinating, interesting and enjoyable. Alongside making use of the water method to moisten and stick the dip you prefer, try other liquids like cider, syrup, juice, or beer.

This is the same for the choice of solids. Granulated, crushed, or even spiced, they can be mixed with the proper liquid to make intriguing flavor profiles and enhance your drinks. We love this new design of a grasshopper with an ice-dipped chocolate rim.

Final thoughts on cocktail garnishes

These ideas can open your eyes to the myriad possibilities and opportunities cocktail garnishes could bring to your business. Utilize them in innovative ways to distinguish yourself from your competition and also to draw the attention of your customers. It’s guaranteed to leave your audience with a pleasant taste in their mouths.