The shifting tastes of consumers determine the industry of foodservice. Food items and ingredients that were popular in one year may not be so popular the next year’s.

As a restaurant and bar manager, if you ever are bored you can try reading one or these blog posts or digital magazines to keep abreast of these industry-wide changes.

Grub Street

Incorporating news on food and hospitality from all over the world, Grub Street includes a range of news, opinion pieces reviews, and more. While it is based out of New York, many stories concentrate on chains that are nationwide and restaurants.

Food Marketing Institute (FMI)

FMI creates awareness and teaches people on what is important about food security. The association collaborates with wholesalers as well as food retailers to provide coverage for 14000 pharmacies as well as 26,000 stores for food. Managers of food and beverages can check the most recent news regarding food safety as well as consumer affairs, government relations and food research here.

The Restaurant Group (TRG)

A consulting firm for hospitality, TRG was established in 2010 to help established and new restaurants. Its authors have some intriguing suggestions on what trends in foodservice are expected to be popular for 2016 and beyond. They forecast that customers will seek comfort food, foods with more spice and environmentally sustainable menu items.

O’Dell Restaurant Consulting

Brandon O’Dell founded O’Dell Restaurant Consulting in 2001. As a renowned expert in the field O’Dell writes regularly about the concept of strategy consulting, operations and marketing. If you’re worried about the long-term viability of your business Don’t forget to read his numerous blog posts on restaurant failures.


Join other caterers on the massive online network which is Catersource.. When you share your tips and tricks with professional caterers and register for catering expos and other events close to you and read an abundance of posts on the blog of the website. Find a fresh recipe or two, or discover how to plan a buffet.

Real Time Ordering (RTO)

RTO offers quick-service and fast-food establishments and similar ones. The blog of the company is an informative to read for food and drink managers who might be thinking about introducing online ordering to their restaurant. There’s even an article about how to ensure that the financial details of customers safe.

FSW Season’d

FoodServiceWarehouse (FSW) offers culinary tools, equipment, and other things. FoodserviceWarehouse’s season’s FSW blog with topics related to food trends and tips for operations that are useful to those working in catering, concessions bakeries, bars and catering. There are buying guides for foodservice that you can reference when you are dealing with disposables, purchasing pizza ovens, frying food items, or making use of an ice maker and commercial refrigerator.

Social Hospitality

Social Hospitality is a digital agency for marketing. Social Hospitality provides management tips for event planners, travel and hotel professionals as well as restaurant owners, food truck managers, food trucks owners, and beverage managers. Its article in mid-January that discusses 10 ways for restaurant owners to increase their reach to customers is an excellent start.

Kitchen CUT

A Michelin-starred chef for a while and now a consultant to restaurants, Kitchen CUT founder John Wood knows his stuff. If you’re in need of revising your menu keep his blog posts in mind on menu writing and tips to avoid spelling and grammar mistakes.

The Back Burner

The Back Burner blog of eTundra the restaurant supply company, is at the forefront of the most recent cooking supplies and equipment. Although it’s a little Colorado-centric, blog posts on Denver Restaurant Week are a interesting read for restaurant owners who is preparing for the busy season. With videos that teach you (like how to change the water filter) along with marketing advice and giveaways This is an abundant source.

Le Cordon Bleu

As a well-known chef’s school the Le Cordon Bleu‘s articles are written by chefs. If you’re looking to modify your menu to include gluten-free alternatives The experts here will guide you on the right ingredients to use to ensure your dishes will be a hit. In addition, as new food trends develop, these are discussed.

eating establishments

If you’re considering a revamp of your restaurant’s logo, you should check out this interesting restaurant article which explains how people unconsciously react to specific colours. It also offers a convincing argument by this consulting firm for restaurants regarding the importance of hiring a delivery driver or two for your restaurant.

Digital Magazines

Hotel F&B Magazine

In 2002 since 2002, Hotel F&B Magazine has been providing foodservice professionals employed in resorts, casinos and hotels with the most up-to-date trends in these areas. The magazine produces industry-specific reports on a regular basis for you to “help you innovate and stay ahead of the competition.” Some of the subjects they have covered include the rise of fine dining establishments display, dessert buffets including animals and poultry, and using Plugra Butter in European style for desserts.

Tabletop Journal

Read the Tabletop Journal to understand why #TabletopMatters. The journal covers every aspect of foodservice on tables, from bars to cafes to restaurants to everything between. Learn about the latest major players in barware through extensive interviews, or learn on the significance of temperature when serving a beer.

FoodService Director Magazine

It is designed to foodservice companies that aren’t in the commercial industry, FoodService Director Magazine is a source of information on research in the industry, menu development new trends, management of hospitality-related businesses, and industry news. Foodservice Director Magazine’s FSD of the Month introduces the key players in beverages and food, as well. With interviews, there’s a lot of knowledge to gain.

FSR Magazine

No matter if you operate a renowned restaurant, a major chain, a small café or an elegant restaurant You’re in good company. FSR Magazine readers include mixologists drinks managers, C-level executives and chefs, senior executives, and managers. The magazine was referred to as Restaurant Manager. The name changed in 2012, and the magazine expanded to cover broader subjects including safe eating, food safety as well as restaurant financing, among others.

Food Engineering

In the years since 1928, Food Engineering has kept readers informed about the latest trends in the field of material automation materials handling Food plant operations, packaging, food safety food processing, and much other areas. With case studies of plants and showcases of the latest products, histories of plants as well as updates on technology advancements as well as reports quarterly magazine offers a fascinating insight into the technical side of food manufacturing.

Food Safety Magazine

In 1995, Food Safety Magazine offers “science-based solutions” for restaurant owners distributors, managers and owners. Originally named Food Testing & Analysis, this magazine, which changed name in the year 2001 is a source of information on every aspect of food safety, including sanitation regulations, processes control and risk assessments, sanitation and control of contamination.

Beverage World

One of the most enduring magazine of the genre (it’s been published from 1882), Beverage World is a news source within the world of beverages. Once you’ve read your first issue, continue browsing the site, where you will find white papers video, webcasts events, news about events and contact details for importers, beverage marketers and beer brewers.

Packaging Strategies

If you are looking for ideas to revamp your menu or attract more customers to your food items, packaging strategies can be a useful to read. Take your tablet out to check out the latest studies, news about exhibitions or other events. Also, there are packaging materials reviews, news about vertical markets (for producers of snacks confections, pet food, confections and much more) and reviews of machinery.

Quality Assurance & Food Safety Magazine

To stay informed on security issues, check out Quality Assurance & Food Safety Magazine that covers everything from the detection of pathogens to regulations. The website for the magazine supplements the content with case studies, videos events, news, as well as information on recent recalls of food products.

Beverage Industry

Another publication that is exclusive to drinks one is Beverage Industry that first made newsstands available in 1946. As the industry of beverage production evolves the magazine focuses on the latest developments, while also sprinkling with articles on operations, marketing, new products, and packaging equipment. Whatever drinks you serve in your restaurant, you’ll not be able to miss a trend that is emerging in this magazine.

Food Logistics Magazine

With 10 thick issues each year, Food Logistics Magazine is a comprehensive guide to “the global supply chain from farm to fork.” Directors, managers vice presidents, senior executives at distribution centers as well as food warehouse workers comprise a portion of the more than 24,000 subscribers. The magazine’s content digs in to food safety and cold chains, the latest developments in software and technologies for food processing sustainable food, as well as food transportation.

Food Quality & Safety Magazine

Another publication that is constantly on top of issues pertaining to food sanitation can be found in Food Quality & Safety Magazine. The magazine has won awards from ASBPE, Folio Ozzie and APEX for quality of the articles it publishes The publication keeps hospitality industry professionals in the forefront in the field of food safety and research.

PMQ Pizza Magazine

PMQ Pizza Magazine is devoted exclusively to pizza. It is since it first appeared in 1997. If you are the owner of a pizzeria or are planning to open one, you can find out more about the latest products for pizza-making equipment and technology as well as recipes and ingredients for more delicious pizzas, as well as the business strategies that cover every aspect of owning a pizzeria.

Food & Beverage Magazine

One of the most viewed F&B magazines that has a long history over 20 years, Food & Beverage Magazine has included Kerry Simon, Emeril Lagasse, Mario Batali, Wolfgang Puck and Bobby Flay on its advisory board. Monthly magazines often include recipes, drink news as well as franchise reviews, and also interviews with chefs who are emerging.