Blogging has grown into a successful online marketing tool and a brand-building tool for businesses of every industry. The findings of a recent study revealed that over 75percent of Internet users use blogs meaning it is true that blog posts are read by 346 million users all over the world. According to the data it’s not a surprise that there’s seen a dramatic rise in the number of food bloggers around the world. In India there is a F&B business is growing rapidly Food blogging is booming and has grown into a lucrative job for foodies. The top food bloggers from India are able to generate more business through reaching out to their people they want to reach and increasing the engagement of customers.

Uma Raghuraman is a passionate chef and loving mother. Her love for healthy food and a balanced diet prompted her to launch her blog, Masterchef Mom almost two years ago. Her blogs are filled with appealing recipes, with lots of images that will cause you to be hungry. With the recipes she has shared and her cooking advice, you will be able to make healthy and delicious food which tastes amazing. It is no doubt that she is one of the top food bloggers in India and is currently conducting Indian cooking classes in India as well as abroad.

Natasha faced grave medical problems due her eating disorders, and she only managed to get over it by reverting to healthier eating habits. Organic And Happily is about eating healthy and through her blogs Natasha offers easy vegan recipes which are delicious and healthy.


Food blogger tangles “Passionate About Baking” like have us falling in love with food once again. If you’ve got an addiction to sweets there is no one more delicious then Deeba Rajpal. A prolific cook and food journalist, as well as recipe designer, Deeba is a passionate baker who enjoys creating fresh dishes, while focusing on using only seasonal ingredients. Making food with Deeba Rajpal is a relaxing experience and lets her showcase her best creative side. The recipes and pictures on her blog Passionate About Baking is so inventive and delicious, you can’t ever get your mind off of it.



Richa Hingle is an inspirational food blogger who inspires her readers to adopt healthier eating habits by sharing her food blogs. On her blog, Vegan Richa, she shares exquisite recipes that are 100% vegan and made with organic ingredients. Richa is a fan of experimenting with recipes and her blogs will inspire you to cook healthy and vegetarian food with an added twist. She suggests that her Vegan Thai Pizza is worth to try.



Saffron Trail is one of the most read food blogging websites created by Nandita Iyer an expert in food and nutritionist. Through her blog, Nandita explains the art of cooking while perfecting her skills in molecular culinary art. Her recipes are a perfect mixture of flavor and health. In her posts, Nandita educates her followers about the benefits of eating healthy and good nutrition. Saffron Trail is a blog to be followed avidly by health enthusiasts.



If you’re looking for excellent food-related content, you can begin reading Shailu’s Kitchen. It was founded by Sailaja Gudivada. Her blogs are specialized in Andhra food, which is a reflection of her country where she came from. The presentation of her tasty recipes is a feast to the eye. Sailu is a dedicated food blogger and photographer who has recently transformed into organic gardener. She enjoys growing her own food and inspires her readers to follow suit. In the midst of many Indian festivals, her unique and delicious recipes are extraordinary.



If you’re a serious foodie, this book is the perfect book for you. Nidhi Kandari is a fervent foodie who founded Papi Paet to take food enthusiasts on a culinary journey exploring different cuisines from around the globe. In Papi Paet, it’s all about food, and just food. Nidhi is a prolific blogger who shares lots of Insta images, cooking videos live and authentic reviews for her followers. In her blog, she offers her experience to assist novice food bloggers establish themselves as a brand. On her blog Papi Paet showcases her enthusiasm for food and she’s definitely one of one of the best food blogger in India that you must follow.


If you’re a fervent Biryani lover, this is ideal for you. Originating from Hyderabad Karthik’s passion for biryani will not come as a shock. The blog he writes on, Gastro Hogger is all about biryani. It ranges by sharing recipes from the authentic to review of restaurants serving the best biryani available around the city. Karthik Gandhi’s passion for biryani is sure to make some of you think about goals for biryani.



Divine Taste is a blog dedicated to vegetarians who love pure food. Anushruthi is a seasoned food writer, nutritionist and recipe writer. Her blog promotes on the importance of cooking saatvik which is based on ancient ayurvedic cooking practices. In “Divine Taste” you will find delicious recipes without the use of garlic, onion eggs, meat, or wine, but they will enthral your senses.



  1. MARIA 

A self-confessed foodie, Maria is from Mumbai and is a fervent advocate of the city’s tasty and delicious street food. The blog she writes on is appropriately titled Flavour of Mumbai offers dishes from street foods, local dishes as well as spicy Goan food, and egg-free baking recipes. Maria’s blog also features an additional ‘Budget’ section and ‘Low-fat’ sections where you can find recipes that you can prepare in a short time with minimal expense and to lose those extra pounds.



Anubhav Sapra is an food lover who launched his website Delhi Food Walks in 2011. With his posts, Anubhav takes his followers to a culinary adventure through Delhi’s diverse food culture. On his websites, the author offers numerous recipes from Delhi which are sufficient to satisfy any palate. Delhi Food Walks is about the delicious culinary culture of Delhi, the capital city in India as well as a dream for foodies.