Suppose you discover that guests will be over to eat dinner in just 15 minutes. What do you think of cooking? If you’re a celebrity chef like Bobby Flay, there’s no need to be worried or go to takeaway menus. The thing he enjoys doing more than anything else is cooking.

“I get people knocking on my door all the time,” Flay told CNN recently. “My friends are always coming over looking for that next meal.”

The long-running Food Network star — seen in the TV show “Beat Bobby Flay”– visited the CNN Hudson Yards headquarters in New York City to dish about food just a couple of days before the show’s Sunday episode “The Whole Story with Anderson Cooper.” “The Whole Story With Anderson Cooper.” The show’s hosts, Flay and Cooper, discussed how the outbreak affected the industry of restaurants and how restaurants and chefs across the country have responded. (Food Network is part of the parent of CNN.)

This interview was edited and condensed to make it more transparent.

Bobby Flay came by CNN’s Hudson Yards office in Manhattan to offer the CNN Wellness team some food tips.

Bobby Flay: I’m always on the lookout. I store my pantry exceptionally well because you need to know when someone will come in. When you visit my home, I’ll be there to feed anyone, regardless of what.

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I want to create a pasta recipe. If you can make it, let’s say you’ve got nothing more than two ingredients in the pantry. If you cook pasta, you can save some water from your pasta. Add the pasta water, a small amount of butter, a bit of Parmesan cheese, fresh garlic, and some black pepper. Cacio e Pepe. Perfect.

CNN: What’s the deal with making something more complex from the fully-stocked kitchen?

FlayMy favorite dish made from the most fundamental ingredients from my pantry is the risotto. You chop up some garlic and onions, then sweat them (cook them in butter or oil to soften them without changing color). Add the rice and broth. If you don’t have any broth, then you can add water, and then you can add flavor to it using whatever you have in your pantry. You could use canned tomatoes. It is possible to make delicious tomato risotto or Saffron-based risotto. Or it can be (made) using dried mushrooms.

CNN What is the best way to cook for your kids?

Flay, one of the more challenging things for parents is the ability to cook for their children and adults simultaneously. I’m strict on this. I don’t want to cook more than one dinner with my entire family. Therefore, if there are kids in the house, it’s because they eat what people around them eat. That’s a great practice to ensure kids are accustomed to the notion that there’s only one food in the home. They won’t love all the food, and that’s fine. This is trial and trial, and Children’s palates are constantly changing.

CNN: What ingredients do you typically use?

Flay, It’s been rich and delicious. Quite a few avocados lately. They’re creamy. They have a lovely, soothing texture. I make all sorts of various, like avocado relishes, guacamole, and avocado relishes. I spread avocado on toast. I like it in sandwiches. I love it for salads. Avocado is a staple in my food every day. I made a dish this morning that I made using avocado and corn, created relish from it, then placed it on a crisp flour tortilla and added a sea scallop to the top.


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CNN In the context of the pantry, What are your top pantry essentials?

Flay, a few different oils, including extra-virgin olive oil, are needed to … complete dishes. You will require an oil to cook with. I like to use avocado oil. It’s a light oil and has an extremely high smoking point. It is a good idea to have various kinds of vinegar- white wine, balsamic, and sherry vinegar. I like having multiple mustard in the pantry, too. Dijon, whole grain, or honey mustard to use in sandwiches.

Of course, I love to eat chiles, regardless of whether red chiles come from Mexico or Calabrian chilies from Italy. I’m currently using split peppers similar to a French chili pepper since I’m launching a French brasserie very soon located in Las Vegas. I’ve been trying them out a lot.

CNN: What’s your go-to healthy snack?

Flay Flay Greek yogurt. If you have fruits or berries that are getting rid of put the fruits in a skillet with the addition of a pinch of sugar. Allow them to cook, and let them cool. Then you’ll bebe left with this gorgeous freshly cooked jam of fresh fruit. I like mixing it in some freshly made Greek yogurt.

CNN: What’s your favorite fun meal?

I am a massive fan of Nachos. I’d like to have that delicious and thick nacho cheese sauce, crisp tortillas, plenty of avocados, delicious grilling chicken, a few black beans, and plenty of fresh cilantro. Crispiness comes through the tortillas. I love a delightful nacho served with a margarita served on the side.

CNN: Why would people like to beat Bobby Flay in the kitchen?

Flay, Most likely because I offer them the stage to perform it. And I’ve competed for a very long time. When people approach me in the street, they’ll ask, “You know, I can beat you.” The first thing I tell my opponents is, “OK. What’s the recipe?” And they always need an answer. If you’re planning to take on me, be prepared.