Skinning Your Ginger

  1. Cut off the top from the tip of your ginger. A knob of ginger will have a round edge that has not been cut. Cut this edge off using an edged knife that you have in your kitchen, such as a pairing knife or butcher. The ends of your ginger ought to be smooth. [1]
  2. Take off the skin. The ginger should be upright on the flat surfaces. Move your knife around all side of the ginger in order to cut off the skin. [2]
    • If you prefer, you can use a potato peeler. It’s easier to just cut from the side.
  1. The ginger is scraped using the cheese grated. Hold a cheese grater in a bowl and place it on an angle. Put your ginger in the cheese grater. Then, you can swipe it over the grater with steady, long movements. Continue to grate the ginger until it’s crushed into a fine powder. [3]


Juicing Your Lemon

  1. Slice your lemon into two halves. Take a sharp knife from your kitchen. Place the lemon on an cutting board or similar surface. Slice it into half across through the middle. [4]
  2. Cleanse your hands. Soak your hands in clean running water, then apply soap to your hands. Rub your hands for approximately 20 seconds, taking care you are targeting areas like the fingers between them, between the backs of your hands, as well as underneath your fingernails. After that, wash all of your hands well. [5]
    • To track the time, hum”Happy Birthday” twice “Happy Birthday” song twice.
  1. Place the lemon on top of an empty container, cutting the face up. Take a container like a bowl, or glass. With one hand, place the lemon in your palm hand. The cut side should face towards the upward direction. [6]
  2. Make a squeeze of the lemon. Use your hand to squeeze the lemon as difficult as you are able to. The juice should pour through your hands and across into the side of the lemon. Continue to squeeze the lemon until the juice stops less flowing continuously. [7]
  3. Get rid of all seeds. Squeezing the lemon cut-side down will prevent the majority of seeds from being absorbed into lemon juice. But, some seeds might be absorbed into the lemon juice however. If you see any seeds, you should remove them with a spoon or fork. [8]


Mixing the Ingredients

  1. Drink a 12-ounce glass chilled water at room temperature. It should be left to rest till the temp of water is about similar to the temperature of the room. You can test the temperature of your finger to check the temperature of the water. [9]
    • The amount of time it takes for your water to cool will depend on how cold or hot it was at the time you poured it.
    • Room temperature water mixes better with lemon and ginger.
  1. Add the juice of a lemon to the glass. Pour the lemon juice earlier into the drinking glass. Utilize your spoon for stirring the mix till the juice of lemon is completely integrated. [10]
  2. Mix the ginger into the mix. Incorporate the ginger grated into your water. Utilize your spoon for mixing the ginger so that you’ve got an even mix. Drink the ginger water. [11]
    • If you’d like to cool your drink, you can add the addition of ice.
  1. Keep the water in the refrigerator. Ginger water generally lasts about a day after mixing. If you don’t drink the water in a timely manner put it in the refrigerator for a few hours. [12]