Making Tri-Colored Green Jello Shots

1. Combine the lemonade with gelatin. Transfer the lemonade into an unassuming saucepan. Sprinkle the gelatin all over the lemonade’s surface and let it sit for 2 minutes. Place the saucepan on moderate temperature until the gelatin has dissolving, and stirring frequently. After the gelatin has disintegrated in about a minute then remove the saucepan from the flame. [1]

  • It is recommended to make use of clear and unflavored gelatin to make these shots. The amount needed in this recipe is around two envelopes of gelatin.

2. Mix the milk and vodka. Pour the sweetened and alcoholic condensed milk into warm lemonade mixture and gelatin.Stir to thoroughly mix all of the ingredients.For a non-alcoholic version of these cocktails make use of water instead of vodka.

  • Instead of condensed sweetened milk it is possible to also make use of a mix with regular milk as well as Ice cream. [2]

3. Part the ingredients. Pour the gelatin mixture into three bowls. Each bowl should have the exact amount of mixture. Divide the mixture into three bowls by three, you can tint each of them with an individual hue of green to create the tri-colored shots of jello.

4. Mix food coloring into each of the bowls. To get the most effective results, you should use Green and Neon green colorings.You can experiment with various amounts of food coloring to make various shades, if you want.For a basic shot, you can use medium, light, as well as dark layers [3]

  • In the bowl that you first put in mix in two drops of each of neon green and a green, to make the appearance of a light green.
  • To make the other bowl mix with four drops of each neon green and green. This will create a medium-green.
  • Third bowl: mix in six drops of each neon green and green to make a dark green.
  • To create Irish flag shots from jello to make Irish flag jello shots, you need to leave one bowl in the color, then paint one bowl with green, then color the final bowl orange. [4]

5. Pour the thin layer of Jello. Place your 10 shot glasses in a baking sheet.Fill each glass about approximately one quarter full with light green jello.This is the bottom layer.Transfer the tray and the shot glasses that are filled to the refrigerator, and allow them to set over 20 mins.

  • Cover the two bowls with jello by covering them with plastic wrap to stop the jello from forming.
  • You can make use of any kind of shot glass you want such as the tapered or straight ones however, ensure they’re clear to allow people to clearly see the various layers.
  • To create Irish flag shots with Jello, place the green layer on the bottom.

6. Incorporate to the middle layer green of jello. Take the jello shots out of the refrigerator.Take off the plastic wrap around middle green jello and then fill each shot glass with the same amount of medium green jello, as light green as possible.The shot glasses must be half full by this point. [5]

  • Once they’ve filled them with the next layer of ice, take them back to the refrigerator for setting for another 20 minutes.
  • To make the Irish flag jello shots the whitish layer must be the second layer.

7. Include your dark-green layer to Jello. Remove the bottles from the refrigerator within 20 minutes.Take the plastic off of the dark jello, then put on one final layer.Be sure to have the same amount of medium, light and dark green Jello.Your glasses must be at least three-quarters full. [6]

  • To complete Irish flag jello shots add the orange layer at the last.

8. Allow the jello to get set. After all three layers are pour, move the shots to the fridge one more time.The jello should set for a night should it be possible, or at least 4 hours.Jello is ready when it is completely set. [7]

  • To stop a film that is hard from forming over the jello, wrap the shots with a huge sheets of plastic wrap.

9. Serve with whipped cream prior to serving. Right before it’s time to serve the jello shots take them out of the refrigerator. Serve each with small amounts of whipped cream that will fill the remaining quarter of shot glasses. You can also decorate the glasses with gold or green sugar if you’d like. [8]Serve the drinks with small spoons, so that people can get the jello out.


Making Stout and Whiskey Jello Shots


1. Mix the whiskey with half of the gelatin. Add whiskey Irish whiskey into a large mixing bowl, and put 4 teaspoons (11.5 grams) of gelatin over the top.The gelatin should sit for 2 minutes to absorb the whiskey, then mix the ingredients. [9]

  • The entire recipe will require around four gelatin envelops So you’ll have to use about two of them.

2. Heat the Guinness. Transfer the Guinness into a small pot and then heat it up over moderate temperature.Utilize a candy thermometer to monitor the temperature and then bring the temperature of the Guinness up to 150 F (65.5 C).It should be warm enough for the gelatin to dissolve however, not so high that the alcohol will burn off the alcohol.

  • It is also possible to microwave Guinness for about 80 seconds to make it warm. [10]
  • There is no requirement to make use of Guinness specifically for this recipe. Instead, you could use any other dry stout beer alternative.

3. The sugar should be added to Guinness. When the Guinness attains the proper temperature, take the pan from the stove. Incorporate the sugar into the beer, and stir for 1 to 2 minutes until the sugar dissolves.

4. Blend both the Guinness with the gelatin mix. Pour the hot sugar-sweetened Guinness in the bowl, along with gelatin. Irish whiskey as well as gelatin. Mix the mixture until it incorporates both ingredients, and then continue to stir until the gelatin has completely dissolving. [11]

5. Pour the Jello in shot glass. Set up 12 glasses of shot on a baking sheet or tray.It will help make them simpler to move to and from the fridge.Then divide your Guinness and whisky mix evenly across 12 glasses.Each glass of shot will be approximately three-quarters full. [12]

  • Pour any remaining stout and whiskey Jello mixture into a larger container or glass.