1. Pour a wedge or slice of citrus in your water to give it the fresh tanginess of citrus. A juice of lemons is an old-fashioned method to enhance the flavor in water, limes grapefruit and oranges are also delicious! Put the fruit in a glass of water to get a subtle flavor or squeeze a few citrus wedges into your glass to give it an even stronger taste. [1]
    • If you place slices or wedges from citrus into a huge pot of water, drain the lemons out after 4 hours. If you leave it longer, the rinds could cause the water to taste bitter.


    • Pro tip: if you’d like to put whole berries into your glass, drop the berries in your cup first. Then, add ice cubes, and then fill the drink with water. The ice prevents fruit from floating in your mouth as you consume the drink.Add frozen or fresh fruit if you wish for your drink to be sweetened. Make sure you have a tiny amount of berries per glass. Try blackberries, raspberries blueberries, or strawberries. In order to help the water meld with the fruit, use the large grip of your spoon to gently smash them into the bottom of the glass prior to when adding the water. [2]

Fruits and melons from exotic countries or exotic fruits

Cut up fruits like papayas and mangos as well as watermelon to get a distinct sweetness. Incorporating exotic fruit into water is an excellent method to experiment with new flavors and fruits. Slice into star fruits, kiwi or kumquats. Add them to a water pitcher or pick up sweet melons such as honeydew and watermelon. They’ll not only provide a delicious flavour to the water you drink, they’ll also look beautiful as well! [3]

  • To get ideas for flavored water, stroll through the produce aisle in the supermarket and look at what interests you. Cherries? Dragon fruit? Pomegranates?


    • Sprinkle a few sprigs Fresh mint and a slice of lemon for a spa-like drink.Make your own spa water with cucumber slices that are refreshing. Peel the cucumbers if you desire a more intense flavor. After that, you can drop the slices into the water and then chill the water in the refrigerator until it’s infused with the cucumber flavor. The longer you let it chill the more intense the flavor will be. [4]

Fresh herbs

  1. Mix mint, basil or sage in your glass to impart the flavor of herbs. Place the herbs into the bottom of the glass and smash them using the handle of the spoon. The water will quickly absorb the distinct flavor of fresh herbs. To create water that is customized make sure to pair fresh fruit with fresh herbs and play around to discover your preferred flavors. [5]
    • For example, you can try strawberry-basil-watermelon water or lemon-thyme water.
    • If you don’t desire strong herb flavor then put the herbs in a loose form into a tea infuser, then drop the tea into the water, instead of first muddle them.


Juice or tea

  1. Mix in a bit of your preferred tea or juice to create the perfect drink with a light flavor. If you’re looking to cut down on calories but don’t want to consume a large glass of soda or juice Add a tiny amount of hot or cold tea to an ice-cold glass of carbonated or plain water. Imagine your light-fruity drink as an icy cocktail! [6] Image:Choose-Healthy-Juices-Step-4.jpg
    • Try apple juice or grape juice juice, or a fruit cocktail for a sweet taste, or add black, green or herbal tea to add a delicate flavor to your water.
    • You can use either vegetable or tomato juices if prefer a more sweet drink. You can even add fresh tomatoes as a good source of Lycopene. [7]


Peels of fruit and vegetables

  1. Make use of kitchen scraps that you don’t want to use if you don’t need to make use of all the products. Keep your vegetable and fruit scraps as you cook meals and put them in an ice cube. For example, you can toss the ends of cucumbers and stems of herbs into the water in a glass, or place slices of lemon, apple rinds and strawberry tops in another glass. Then let the water cool for two hours in the fridge, to take in the taste. [8]
    • Peels and skins are known to collect pesticides, you should look for organic food items to put to clean your drinking water.
    • Keep your fruit or vegetable-infused water for up three days or more in the refrigerator. It is possible to add more water throughout the period, but you should discard the fruits and vegetables after 3 days, as it will lose its taste and texture.


Seltzer or sparkling water

  1. Change to fizzy drinks if enjoy the flavor of carbonated drinks. Sometimes, having water that is carbonated can be sufficient to create something exciting to drink. It’s also much easier to find seltzer water that is naturally flavored which doesn’t have sweeteners that are added, so you can still enjoy the flavor but without any sugar. [9]
    • In addition to seltzer waters you can also try minerals water or club soda or tonic water.


Water flavor enhancers

  1. Dissolve a flavor enhancer with low calories in water to give immediate flavor. In the event that you do not have the time to cut your produce or mix it with water, there are still alternatives! Low-calorie water enhancers come in liquid or powder form . Simply mix some drops or the powder into a glass of water and drink. [10]
    • The majority of water flavor enhancers are made by artificial sweeteners such as sucralose. When you’re looking to stay clear of artificial sweeteners, you should look for natural sweeteners like sugar or stevia on the list of ingredients.




  1. A cinnamon stick can be added for a deliciously spiced drink. For a lightly-flavored cinnamon water you can simply put a cinnamon stick in your glass, then chill the water over night. If you prefer a more smoky flavor you can add one stick of cinnamon to 1 cup (240 milliliters) of water into an over-the-top pot then bring the mixture to a boil. After that, cool the cinnamon water before serving it over the ice. [11]
    • Cinnamon has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties So you can feel comfortable adding it to your coffee. [12]