Using Tools Around Your Home

  1. Crack open the bottle by the edge of the spoon. Take the bottle in your hands and hold it by the neck using your non-dominant hand, making sure there’s a little more than 1 inch (2.5 centimeters) between you and your cap. Set the edge of an iron spoon under the cap, and place the handle on your hands. Press down on the handle to remove the cap off the bottle. [1]
    • Use the spoon that doesn’t break or bend when you apply pressure on it.
  1. Use a pair or scissors as a substitute for a bottle opener. Open a pair halfway, so that the blades form an V-shape. Then, place the edge where the blades cross beneath the cap of the bottle. Pull the handles downwards and gently squeeze them to break the cap. Uncork the bottle and then pop the cap off. [2]
    • You could also take a knife and cut along the ridges of the cap to ensure that it is out of the bottle.
    • Make sure that the scissors are not pointed at you, so that they won’t be able to cut you if they fall.
  1. Take the cap off of the bottle with the HammerPlace the claw’s rear end on a to grip under the cap of the bottle. Bring the handle of the hammer towards you, allowing you to raise the cap. When the cap is removed put the hammer away and drink your beverage! [3]
    • Be cautious not to apply excessive force or you may damage the bottle accidentally.
  1. Try pulling the cap off using a rubber band or cloth. Put the rubber band or a cloth around the cap of the bottle several times until you have an adequate grip. The cap should be rotated counterclockwise that it loosens to check if it falls off. The added force from the rubber band can cause the cap to spin off from the bottles. [4]
    • It could be a challenge since most bottle caps aren’t designed to be twist off.
  1. The cap of the bottle should be placed on your countertop, allowing it to remove the cap. Place the cap’s edge cap on the bottle against the counter and then turn the bottle at 30 degrees. Keep the bottle securely by using your other hand, and then hit on the cap using your dominant hand . It can take up to 2 shots to take off the cap, however it will fall off because of the force. [5]
    • Take care not to damage the bottle when you smash it.
    • The beverage in the bottle could be able to start foaming when it’s carbonated. Be sure to keep it from spilling onto things that are difficult to clean.
  1. Beware: This may damage countertops, so only try it when you’re certain that your counters are capable of handling it. Do not do this on wood countertops because they are more likely to be scratched or damaged.


Opening Beer Bottles on the Go

  1. Remove the cap by using your keys until it comes off. Keep the cap’s top cap with your thumb of your hand that is not dominant. Make use of the tip of a key, whether for your home or automobile and slide it over the cap’s edge. Use the reverse of the key upwards to raise the edges and release that cap off of the bottle. [6]
    • It is possible that you will need to raise around the edge of the cap several times to allow it to be removed. Move across the cap to ensure it’s gone.
  1. Place the bottom of a lighter beneath the cap till it comes away. Hold the bottle using your hand that isn’t dominant to ensure there’s 1 inch (2.5 centimeters) distance between the cap of the bottle. Place the bottom of the lighter beneath the cap’s edge and then slide your hand upwards along the neck of the bottle to secure it. The lighter should be pushed down on your palm until it presses upwards against the cap, and then rips it off. [7]
  2. Make use of the edge of a belt buckle to mimic the opening of a bottle. This is most effective if you wear a belt that has the buckle or clasp of a metal. Remove your belt from the buckle and untie it in order to utilize it. The metal U-shape from the belt buckle, and then place it in the bottle cap. The buckle should be pulled backwards to bend the cap, and let the bottle open. [8]
    • Certain belt buckles come with built-in bottle openers. Look at the buckle to determine whether it has an opener.
  1. Remove the cap from the bottle using a titanium or steel ring. Hold your hand on the cap of the bottle, so your ring is able to touch the cap’s underside. cap. Turn the bottle at an angle of 45 degrees towards your palm so it holds on the ring. Hold on the glass’s top, then turn your hand so your ring pulls open the bottle. [9]
    • If your ring begins to go into your finger, before it can remove the cap, you should take a break to ensure that you don’t injure yourself.
  1. Warn: Don’t use rings constructed from precious metals such as gold or silver, as they may deform if you attempt to open bottles.


Getting the Cork out of a Wine Bottle

  1. Put a screw in the cork and then pull it out using the hammer to create a temporary opener. Make a turn by hand through the middle of the cork. stop the screw so that it is a half inch (1.3 centimeters) over the cork. Utilize the claw’s back hammer to grasp the screw and then rock it in a circular motion for a few seconds to let the cork loosen. Turn your bottle till the cork comes off. [10]
  2. Tips: You can also employ a drill for putting the screw in the cork, however be cautious not to damage the bottle’s sides.
  3. Put the bottle inside the tennis shoe and then smash it against the wall if you don’t have any tools. Place the bottle in the shoe and then hold it with a firm grip on the inner sole. Place the heel of the shoe with the hard surface, like countertops or walls and then work the cork off of it’s neck. Once you’ve got an excellent grasp on cork remove the remainder by hand. [11]
    • Avoid wearing a show that has heels that are too high or flat soles as you might damage the bottle accidentally.
  1. Make use of a bike pump to remove the cork from the bottle. Make sure that the bike pump is equipped with a needle attachment at the top. Move the needle across the neck until it is extended past its bottom. The air is pumped slowly, and then watch the cork determine if it is rising of the neck. Once you have hold of it and pull it out with your hands. [12]
    • If you aren’t seeing any change after a few pumps, then you need to take the needle from the bottle. The pressure may build up within the bottle of wine and crack it.
  1. Put the cork in the wine bottle If you’re unable to remove it. Make use of using your fingertips to force the cork more into the bottle, so that it sinks in the wine. If you are unable to push it with your hands you can use your handle from a long-handled utensil like spoons made of wood to force it further down. [13]
    • If the cork splits within the bottle, then pour the wine through a strainer and into a new container.