The days that Bilbao was just the city of the port industry. After establishing the Guggenheim Museum in 1997, Bilbao’s artistic offerings haven’t stopped popping up. Modern Bilbao can be described as the home with Bilbao’s Zubizuri bridge, which was designed by Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava as well as Bilbao’s Azkuna Zentroa cultural center, redesignated through the work of French co-worker Philippe Starck.

While its architectural marvels definitely have put its name on the map Bilbao’s food scene has now attracted thousands of visitors to its river’s shores, which are surrounded by stunning mountains.

Pintxos are the thing that sets the cuisine of the Basque Country apart from other regions in Spain. While tapas are a hit across the globe, travelers are usually unaware of the distinction that pintxos have from tapas. While tapas are usually served on small plates and eat with utensils pintxos are typically eaten using your hands and eaten in a few bites. In the past the pintxos were glued together by a toothpick before being served on bread, however modern versions may omit the two requirements completely.

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The charm of Bilbao’s pintxos culture is that it allows you move from place spot and taste everything Bilbao offers. There’s no need to select one restaurant for dinner. In fact, being too comfortable with a single restaurant isn’t recommended, no matter the quality of their food. Choose a variety We grouped our choices for the top pintxos in Bilbao into four parts and they’re also near enough to allow you to go to a couple of places at once If you would like to. It’s your choice…

Indautxu neighbourhood

El Pintxito

El Pintxito was a mainstay in Bilbao’s food scene since the year 1968. The restaurant is situated in Poza Lizentziatuaren Kalea 24, The restaurant has modern furnishings with outdoor and indoor seating. The counter is well-stocked with tasty snacks to choose from however, the skewers are the star of the show. They include the Moorish Pintxo (lamb meat skewer) as well as the octopus and prawns skewers are essential.

El Puertito

Oysters are the sole item offered at this oyster bar located on Garcia Rivero street but there’s enough variety to keep your taste interested. They hail from various regions from Spain, France, Ireland and the Netherlands, El Puertito‘s oysters are recommended to be enjoyed with the glass of Txacoli Dry white wine made in the region.


This cozy tavern, located just across the street to El Puertito specialises in cheese and has a wide selection of cheese of cheeses from all over the world. Gaztandegi is busy, however don’t let that discourage you. Instead, view it as an indication of their popularity, and also the excellence of their products. When you’ve received the attention of your server and attention, you’ll be treated to the best cheese-on-bread combinations you’ve ever tasted. The cabrales cheese served with pear and cider pintxo served warm and the camembert served with walnuts are standouts.

Casco Viejo


In the 700-year-old historical area, Baste‘s claim to fame is its filled mussels that are topped by a bechamel-based sauce. As per the Bar’s proprietor, Jose Mari Martin, Sundays are their busiest days serving between 400 to 500 of the seafood fried morsels. You should only order one or two since they’re very filling. take them in an ice cube to slurp up the entire stuffing.


If you’re the first to enter Irrintzi Irrintzi, you’ll see that, unlike other pintxo bars the counter is an area that is larger. It is recommended to stroll from one side in the bar and the next choosing what you’d like from their extensive menu in a buffet-style. The yakitori-style swordfish and prawn appetizers, as well as croqueta de chipsirones (cuttlefish croquette) are among the more intriguing options.