Our team had an incredible experience at the National Restaurant Association Show, in which Ripples was able to make a huge impact in the field of drink personalization. We were ecstatic to hear from numerous guests that Ripples was the most memorable part of the event – both in our booth as well as around the event and within the town of Chicago.

Our partnership with Tabit Restaurant Technologies was one of the highlights of the event, demonstrating the remarkable integration of the Ripples platform along with their POS system that takes customized drink ordering to new heights. BROOD Refreshments Company Limited and their high-quality nitro coffee collaborated with us to showcase the creativity of foam designs.

Another notable exhibit is Robojo‘s innovative robotic coffee bar, which was on display in the Kitchen Innovations Showroom. Ripple Makers equipped it provided an impressive demonstration of how technology improves the experience of customers.

In addition, we were privileged to contribute to the opening of the brand new Lavazza America Training facility situated in Chicago at the NRA weekend. The center is now home to an innovative brewing method, with our unique Ripples system, which provides another exciting option for beverage personalization.

The incredible reaction at this year’s National Restaurant Association Show underlines Ripples’s role in driving the field of food service innovation. At the same time, we follow this trend and look forward to seeing what ripples of transformation we bring about.


Garnish 3.0

In the 80s, you may have thought of going to the bar where everyone knew your name. However, in 2023, you’d like an establishment that can put words (or even a photo of your pet!) over your preferred drink. Ripples Bev-Top media takes cocktail garnish to another level. It transforms foam drinks into a blank canvas that can be printed with customized designs on a large scale with just 10 seconds for each drink.

It is possible to print virtually everything, from high-res photos and fun doodles to holiday greetings and local promotional items, and even special discounts. Customers can even upload their images and designs via their pictures and plans using the Ripples Web App, which allows you to add custom drink frames to any print. It guarantees you exposure when customers post pictures of their drinks on social media. The Last Word, our friends at The Last Word, created this stunning topper for a wedding reception.

Improve your Rims

Why not just have salted margaritas? Unexpected rims can be similar to a party at the high end of your drink. It’s fascinating, interesting, and a lot of fun. Alongside using water to hydrate and hold your preferred dip, Try other liquids, such as cider, syrup, juice, or beer.

It’s the same with your selection of solids. Whatever form they are, whether crushed or granulated, candy and other spices are mixed with the proper liquid to produce intriguing flavor profiles and give depth to your drinks. We like this innovative version of a grasshopper that has an ice-dipped chocolate rim.

Final thoughts on ideas for cocktail garnishes

The suggestions presented here will open your eyes to the myriad possibilities and lucrative opportunities garnishing your cocktails can bring to your business. Utilize them in innovative ways to differentiate yourself from your competition and captivate your customers. You’ll leave them with an excellent taste in their mouths.