Italian cuisine is among the most well-known and loved around the globe. There’s no better spot to indulge in its blockbuster food and obscure specialty dishes than La Bella Italia itself. From food tours on the streets and visits to producers of artisanal products to cooking classes that are hands-on and interactive, as well as wine tastings in the countryside, these are some amazing ways to taste Italy’s delicious cuisine from the north to the south. The reason you’re seeing these suggestions: 1. Explore the top neighborhoods for food in Rome. The majority of tourists to Rome stay with the top attractions and attractions. Still, the capital’s lively food scene can be found in the outskirts of neighborhoods that revolve around Trastevere, the Campo de Fiori market, and the historic Jewish Ghetto, as well as bohemian Trastevere. Take a stroll through each with a guide to get an insider’s look at the city’s local cuisine and taste classic dishes like pizza, pasta, and gelato. The tour is small in size. Rome Tour: Food Tour: Trastevere Campo Fiori Jewish Ghetto 1814 Get looking for some of the finest food options in Rome during this walking tour that takes you through the neighborhoods in Campo de Fiori, Trastevere along with Trastevere, which is the Jewish Quarter. Guided by a local, discover the techniques of Rome’s Eternal City and sample traditional Italian dishes like gelato and pasta and local dishes like fried artichokes. Only 12 people are allowed on the tour. This tour gives you the opportunity to have a more intimate sightseeing experience. …More than three hours 30 minutes Free cancellation starting at Rs8,396.92

The cost varies based on the number of people in the group. Explore the Florentine market or a country kitchen. Seasonal ingredients and hands-on cooking are the two mainstays of traditional Italian food. Explore both of them in one day, starting by taking a guided tour of one of Florence’s lively outdoor markets before heading to a farm in the hills around to learn the techniques of making fresh pasta as well as other traditional Tuscan recipes through a chef-led cooking lesson. Most likely to sell out Cooking class and lunch at the Tuscan Farmhouse and Local Market Tour from Florence 3571.

Discover the secrets to Tuscan cooking with this full-day adventure that includes an excursion to the market and a cooking class that is capped off by a delicious four-course lunch. Find fresh and healthy ingredients at a Florentine market before heading into the Tuscan home in the rural countryside. Follow the advice of an experienced chef to make Italian dishes at home, such as bruschetta pasta, roasted pork, pasta, and tiramisu. Enjoy the result of your efforts with a glass of Tuscan wine. …More 7 hours of free cancellation starting at Rs16,252.10 3. Explore the Chianti hills for a scenic tour and lunch. Enjoy lunch at the Chianti hills that lie just outside of Florence, which have been renowned for a long time for their outstanding wines and olive oil, as well as other Tuscan delights. Take a trip out of Florence on a 4X4 to enjoy an unforgettable trip that will take you to two wineries. Stop at two wineries in the countryside to taste Chianti Classico wines, extra-virgin olive oil, as well as local cheeses and charcuterie. You can also enjoy a three-course Tuscan lunch with a stunning view. It is likely to sell out. Chianti Safari: Tuscan Villas that have vineyards, cheese, and wine, plus lunch starting from Florence 2750. Enjoy a unique experience of Italy’s famed Chianti region with this all-day wine and dining tour that departs from Florence. With a guide on the tour and driver, you will travel across the Tuscan hills on an off-road 4×4 vehicle, making stops at an estate for wine, a historic house, and an estate that specializes in the sale of bottles from Chianti Classico. Explore the best dishes at every visit, and reserve a spot to enjoy a 3-course dinner at a restaurant in the Chianti countryside prior to making the return journey back to Florence. …More 9 hours free cancellation starting at Rs16,703.55 4.

Explore Emilia-Romagna’s renowned “Food Valley” The countryside around Bologna is so well-known for its delicacies of the culinary world–think Prosciutto di Parma ham, Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese, as well as balsamic vinegar made from Modena, that it’s been called”the “Food Valley.” Sample these dishes and more during the full-day excursion, which visits small local farms and producers for tours tas, things, and a delicious traditional lunch. Bologna Food Experience Tours of the factory and family-style lunch 728. Explore your senses during an all-day culinary tour through Bologna’s famous food area. Visit local production facilities and family-run businesses to get a glimpse behind the scenes of the production of goods that are enjoyed all over the world, such as Parmigiano-Reggiano Cheese, Modena balsamic vinegar and prosciutto, as well as wine. Get a taste of fresh and hand-crafted items along the way, and enjoy breakfast or a multi-course Italian lunch and wine tasting. It’s a great opportunity to get lost in the sights, sounds, and flavors of Emilia-Romagna! …More up to 8-9 hours free cancellation starting at Rs17,606.45 5. Explore the heart of Rome’s food scene.

Those who know the best go to the city’s Testaccio district to sample the finest traditional cuisine within the capital city. Get an insider’s guide to discover the unofficial capital city of Roman food, with visits to the local market as well as numerous eateries in the neighborhood (including bakeries, restaurants, and delis as well as the gelato shop) where you can meet owners and sample their food. Experience the taste of the Testaccio Food & Market Tour with Eating Europe 1407. Join us for our Testaccio Food Tour, the first Rome-based culinary experience that has been a delight for food lovers since 2011. Explore the origins of Roman food and the city’s culinary district. Marvel at Europe’s sole pyramid from a private place. Savor mouthwatering Roman pasta dishes. Try the classic Italian food and famous Roman street foods. Go to Rome’s top local food market, get to know the most passionate vendors, and discover more about the culinary tradition. Discover hidden culinary gems, and experience Rome as a native. Explore offbeat places and gain insight into the city’s history and culture. …More than 4 hours of free cancellation starting at Rs7,132.87 6.

Visit Venice’s Rialto Market. traditional Cichetti Venice offers a culinary experience like Venice’s Floating Venice City. Discover the way Venetians go out to eat and shop by visiting the famous Rialto Market, filled with stands that sell seafood and fish directly out of the lake. Follow your guide to the historical Cannaregio district for a snack of cicchetti (Venetian-style tapas) accompanied by an Ombra (glass of white wine from the local area). Food and Traditions of Venice Food Tour, including Rialto Market Visit 79, Dive into the tasty tradition of wine and cicchetti in Venice with the food and wine tour. Find out the best places locals go for food and discover the best Venetian food items to try. Explore the maritime heritage of Venice with an expert guide who takes you to the lively Rialto Market. Then, travel across the Grand Canal by gondola and explore the former Jewish Ghetto, Cannaregio, to taste a variety of snacks and drinks. …More 3 hours free cancellation starting at Rs8,035.76 7.

Create limoncello and pizza at the farm just outside Sorrento. One of the delights of consuming authentic Italian food is meeting the local chefs, cooks, farmers, artisans, and farmers. During this full-day adventure, you’ll meet with a farmer’s family living in the hills near Sorrento to sample their heirloom freshly baked bread, lemons, as olive oil. You’ll then visit an artisanal cheese maker for a tasting demonstration before you learn how to make pizza with the skill of the true pizzaiolo (pizza chef). Sorrento Farm Experience, which includes tastings and pizza Making, as well as Limoncello 521 Experience, a unique experience of southern Italy during this five-hour dining adventure in Sorrento. Guided by a local pizzeria, cheese factory, and a farm run by a family for tastings of their best items, including bread made from scratch lemonade, lemonade, as well as Extra virgin olive oil. Discover the secrets of Italian family recipes, and then try your hand at making pizza, Neapolitan style.