It is optional how nonstick your cooking pan is; only in television commercials is it appropriate to dry fry eggs. There are many options available, however, such as grease, lard duck fat, and alternative sources of plant matter. In the wake of the current shortage of eggs, I’ve been looking for innovative ways to honor the eggs I find. What I found was the absurdity of cooking eggs in cream.

Inspired by Lisa Steele’s “The Fresh Eggs Daily Cookbook,” the concept is that cooking eliminates fluid from the milk, resulting in two elements: fat that can fry the egg and delicious crunchy milk solids.

The genius of this recipe lies in the fact that it adds a touch of nebulousness to something that seems so simple by using only a few tablespoons of cream, an ingredient usually put in the category of leftovers in the fridge without appropriate usage.

Eggs are best friends with pepper. In a cosmic coincidence, a second leftover in my refrigerator is a small jar of green peppercorns, which I need clarification on purchasing and, up to this point, had no reasonable solutions to use. These smoky morsels and cream are the two main elements of a classic au poivre sauce typically used with beef.

The additional peppery components can be sprinkled on eggs as an icy furikake(seasonings typically sprinkled over rice). Pink, black, and white peppercorns or some Japanese Sanshoor Sichuan pepper could substitute for the green variety. Although it’s an optional process, I prefer to let my cream sit overnight using Amazake (sweetened low or no alcohol sake) to enhance the flavor.

Serve as a breakfast on toast or rice or serve as a topping to meat, burgers, or any other dish that needs an extra touch over it that’s not the usual cherry.

To add sweetness, add sweetness amazake to your cream and peppercorns in the evening before you fry your eggs. | SIMON DALY

Serves 2

Prep time Time: Overnight

Cooking duration: 10 minutes


* 100 milliliters cream

Amazake 5g (optional)

* 10 grams of green peppercorns

* four eggs

Rainbow chard with eight leaf leaves chopped

1. If you’re using Amazake, lightly crush the green peppercorns on the side of a knife before sleeping. Mix with the cream and Amazake. Close the lid tightly to allow it to develop at room temperature. If you need to make use of amazake Crush all of your peppercorns. Mix them in with the cream just before cooking.

2. bring your peppercorn-cream mixture to the boiling point in a medium-high temperature nonstick fry pan and sprinkle with some salt. Let it cook for about a minute.

3. Make sure you crack all of your eggs. Quickly crack in all your eggs. If the edges of the cream get dark, decrease the heat just a little.

4. Continue cooking until the edges turn a light brown while the yolks are firm, but the yolks remain liquid.

5. Serve over the steaming hot bowl of rice, topped with the chard and any edges that have become crispy and gooey peppercorns that are creamily sprinkled over the top.