All life on our planet depends on food. Food not only helps us to meet our physiological needs but also develops social bonds and interactions. All over the globe, food is seen as a way to express one’s culture and identity. It has become a vital part of cultural tourism. Culinary tourism refers to the role that food plays in cultural tourism. It offers a competitive edge to a country in terms of boosting tourism and economic development.

Indonesian food culture is a result of many factors, such as history, culture, and environment. Due to its vast cultural and geographical diversity, Indonesian cuisine has a wide range of flavors and textures. Customers and tourists in Indonesia are not only interested in the traditional foods but also the socio-cultural values that go along with them!

Let’s see what Indonesian food has to offer. Here is our list, which includes both hip and legendary restaurants.

  • Mozaic, Bali

Mozaic has become a popular destination for families and children alike. Mozaic’s innovative menu and outstanding presentation have helped it to gain wide recognition. Chefs here combine traditional Balinese ingredients and recipes with modern French culinary techniques to create food that is unlike anything else. The restaurant offers gluten-free products and vegetarian and vegan food to cater to its health-conscious customers. It is known for its unique flavors and rich flavors; Mosaic’s Gindara Carpaccio, created by Chef Chris Salans, has become a very popular dish. The Mosaic has a beautiful garden with a pool and elegant outdoor seating where you can enjoy the towering palms of Ubud.

  • Bandar Djakarta is located in Jakarta.

Bandar Djakarta, located in Jakarta near the sea, has the best seafood. This restaurant offers some of the freshest seafood, such as clams, crabs, and prawns. Bandar Djakarta is always busy, whether it’s for special occasions or regular days. It is even considered the best place to try Thai cuisine in Jakarta.

  • Locavore, Bali

Locavore, a multi-cuisine, popular restaurant in Ubud on Bali, offers a wide range of cuisines, including Asian, European, and Contemporary. It also has options for Vegetarians, Vegans, and Gluten-Free. The unique ingredients used to prepare the dishes make it a very special menu. This restaurant operates sustainably. Locally sourced premium ingredients (and utensils).

  • Pinisi Resto, Bandung

Pinisi Resto, with its concept of dining, is one of the most talked-about restaurants in Bandung. It is located on a huge ship, surrounded by trees and a lake. Pinisi Resto is not only famous for serving Indonesian food but also American and European. Its calm but joyful atmosphere makes it the ideal getaway for both friends and families.

  • Lara Djonggrang, Java

Whoever is familiar with Indonesian folklore and history will know the origin of this name. In Indonesian folklore, there is a princess called Lara Djonggrang, whose story inspired the concept of this restaurant. Lara Djonggrang is a restaurant that treats guests like royalty and offers a dining experience they will never forget. The restaurant provides Indonesian and Javanese cuisines, as well as Asian, Vegetarian, and Vegan options.

  • Bunga Rampai

Bunga Rampai, a restaurant in Indonesia that is known for its Dutch architecture as well as delicious food, is one of the best restaurants. The restaurant serves authentic Indonesian cuisine that is inspired by both the traditional and modern cuisines of Indonesia’s islands.

  • Merah Putih, Bali

Merah Putih is one of the best dishes in Bali. It lives up to all its hype. It is a popular choice for both local and foreign tourists. The restaurant offers some of Indonesia’s best traditional and modern recipes. The translucent roof and the glass walls provide diners with a stunning view of Bali and the chance to soak up its natural sunlight.

  • Mediterranea restaurant

The TheMediterraneana is a homey and cozy restaurant inspired by French and Mediterranean food. Locals and tourists love the delicious food, which is authentic and has just the right mix of flavors. The Mediterranea specializes in Mediterranean food, including the Da Vinci Pizza.

  • Seribu Rasa

This restaurant delivers on its name, ‘Seribu Rasa.’ It is a place that offers a wide variety of flavors. This restaurant offers a variety of traditional Indonesian and Southeast Asian dishes.

  • Abhayagiri Restaurant

Abhaygiri offers Indonesian, Asian, European, and American cuisines. The restaurant is situated in the countryside, on the outskirts of Yogyakarta. From afar, you can see Mount Merapi and Prambanan Temple. Abhayagiri is a romantic restaurant with elegant architecture and Indonesian traditional music in the background.

Indonesia has a diverse and rich cultural heritage, which is evident in its food. The result is delicious meals with rich flavors. If you are looking for restaurants that serve exotic food, then these places should be at the top of your list.