In celebration of summer BBQs, consider serving this delicious side dish to your loved ones and family this Memorial Day Weekend.

Melanie Cagle, founder of The Cagle Diaries, says her husband likes “fancy it up” when baking beans. Therefore, this recipe “is loaded with ground meat and sausage, so it’s almost a meal unto itself,” the food blogger claims.

“The flavor of the sweet and smoky beans are really complemented by a good potato salad,” Cagle says.

Check out the entire recipe below.


Southern Baked Beans by Melanie Cagle,

Serves 12 portions

Prep time 15 minutes

Time to cook: 2 hours

The BBQ baked beans dish is a side dish that includes smoking and fatty meats. (Melanie Cagle and the Cagle Diaries)


8 Strips Bacon

1 Large Sweet Onion

1 Large Green Bell Pepper

1 Large Celery Stalk

3 Cloves Garlic

1lb Ground Meat

4 15oz Cans of Pork and Beans

1 Tbsp. Brown Sugar

1 Tbsp. Wholegrain Mustard

1/3 Cup BBQ Sauce

1lb Ground Meat

1 Tbsp. Creole Seasoning

Create this Southern baked beans dish using sausage and ground meat taken from the website for food, The Cagle Diaries, in the spirit of Memorial Day Weekend and National Barbecue Month. (Melanie Cagle/ The Cagle Diaries)


1. Cut and fry bacon.

2. Take the bacon out and place it on the side while allowing it to drain.

3. Cook the trio (onion, bell pepper, onions, and celery) with garlic in bacon grease.

4. Add the beans, sugar, mustard, and BBQ sauce and stir until combined.

5. Cook the meat in the skillet along with the Creole seasoning and then add it back to the beans and bacon.

6. Mix well. Mix well, then cover and cook at low for about two hours.