Ripples Co-Founder and CEO Yossi Meshulam explains how you can sell more drinks while creating unforgettable moments at your events.

CFE: The reason you catering companies and planners of events, in particular, invest in a Ripple Maker?

The first and most important thing is that it’s an immediate return on investment. We have lots of mixologists, caterers, and coffee carts making use of our system. It’s an additional item to sell these businesses. It’s affordable technology, and, in the majority of cases, they reap the benefit on two occasions.

With Ripples catering, caterers are an important component of events. It’s not just a catering and beverage partner. You’re offering clients the opportunity to communicate messages and provide many photos.

Ripples customers ranging from artists to mixologists and coffee shop owners – produce stimulating, entertaining, and transformative social media content each day.

There are seven ways you can make the Ripples content to help your brand’s image:

  • Promote Your In-House Events

Let your customers know that it’s theme night with captivating images and quotes that are relevant to the topic.

Blue Door in Midland, TX Blue Door in Midland, TX produced a reel that included the movie’s quote and pictures to help promote the Mean Girls Trivia night.

  • Promote a Special Holiday Offer

Your customers are likely to search to find something special to celebrate Valentine’s Day every year. Big Baby Rolls in Tulsa, OK, posted this fantastic update to the standard candy heart.

  • Unveil a New Menu Item

You wouldn’t even be here without creating amazing drinks and possessing an eye for presentation. With hand-crafted syrups, layered drinks, and a streak of lavender along the glass’s rim, Cafe Georgetown in Washington, D.C., is a top-of-the-line food item that is seasonal.

Then, top it off with a lively Chameleon print, include some trendy music, and inform your customers that Chameleon is your drink to have for the summer months.

“It became viral online, mostly on Instagram … everyone wanted to have that experience.”

-Sena Cundioglu, Marketing Manager, Cafe Georgetown

  • Give your spin on an era.

Rudy Willingham is an incredible artist and works with a variety of mediums. Lucky that we are, coffee is just one of his. This rendition of the Taylor Swift song is truly amazing and inspirational.

Are you one of your customers, the famous Swiftie? You can surprise them with a song or a photo on their next cup of coffee. They’ll be ecstatic and will surely share the news on their social networks.

That is what brings us back to the question of…

  • Regramm User-Generated Content

A simple way to increase your social engagement and reach is to share, comment on, and share content that your customers are making and then tag you. Guinness has perfected how to brand through Ripples-printed drinks. They have coined the hashtag #stoutie to mark Selfies on the label of a Guinness and put their logo on each printed glass. (If you have an enhanced Subscription plan, you are able also to do this).

  • Promote A Vibe

What kind of ambiance have you created in your venue or when you’re employed for a special event?

A 10-second video could be about 10,000 or more words. This video by HAMOZEG has me wanting to look up flights immediately to find an event on the beach.

  • Puppies

The very first image ever uploaded on Instagram was one of dogs in front of the taco stand. As much as Instagram has evolved, it is still popular with puppy photos. Profit from adorable pedestrians and take advantage of their adorableness to get comments and views.

We selected eye-catching examples to showcase the incredible projects our customers are doing as well. Ripples are the perfect way to highlight this work. Each of these suggestions can be easily implemented to emphasize the many reasons why your customers are loyal to your company while inviting customers, both current and future, to engage with you prior to and after their visit. Did we miss your favorite social media content tactic? Your next social media post, and we’ll feature your story in a future piece.

Improve your Rims

Why should you limit yourself to salted margaritas? Unexpected rims can be similar to a party at the highest point of the glass. It’s thrilling, fascinating and enjoyable. Alongside making use of the water method to moisten and stick the dip you prefer, try other liquids like cider, syrup, juice, or beer.

It’s the same with your selection of solids. The choice of crushed or granulated spices and candies are able to be combined with the perfect liquid to make interesting flavors and enhance your drinks. We love this new design of a grasshopper with an ice-dipped chocolate rim.

Final thoughts on ideas for cocktail garnishes

The suggestions presented here will open your eyes to the numerous possibilities and lucrative opportunities garnishes of cocktails can provide your business. Utilize them in innovative ways to distinguish yourself from your competition and captivate your customers. You’ll leave them with your audience with a pleasant taste in their mouths.