Here are a few of our most loved advertising campaigns for beer and liquor from the past 40 years, each one a creative artist in their field.

A Classic For a Reason – Absolut Vodka In the year 1980, the agency for advertising TBWA produced an ad campaign for the Swedish vodka producer Absolut that featured the brand’s logo with a halo and the words “Absolut Perfection.”

The ad became an instant success, and it spawned one of the most famous ads of the next three decades. It featured more than 1,500 designs comprising the Absolut bottle that was featured in a range of distinctive exhibits. The iconic, innovative, and constant.

  • An Artistic Masterpiece – Johnnie Walker 2013 Mid-Autumn Festival Campaign – Chinese Market

Johnnie Walker’s “Keep Walking” campaign launched in 1999 and has since been utilized to increase awareness of Johnnie Walker’s Scotch whiskey across the world. The iconic striding man in the campaign is a symbol of determination and moving forward, and this campaign takes him into the story of a Chinese legend about an eternal tree that is growing on the moon. The man climbs the tree. He realizes that it is infinite and is taller than all the stars in space. The fruit is akin to Jonnie Walker Black, and the man realizes that the journey is never over, exactly like the tree.

Shotopopand created the campaign, which included 3D-painted and printed figures, which were then captured. The campaign is more than an advertisement; these artworks are masterpieces.

  • An Irreverent Take on “History” – Aviation Gin – The Process

In the year 2020 In the 2020s, actor Ryan Reynolds became an owner of Aviation Gin and put his distinctive, humorous twist (and face) across Aviation Gin’s marketing.

It’s a false and hilarious parody of some popular brands with a lot of historical significance – telling details of the “story” behind the magic of this new-fangled spirits brand. It also manages to include some truthful facts (watch the section where Juniper berries are crushed to infamy).

  • Tie-ins crafted to perfection T Tie-ins that are perfect to a T Tanqueray Gin and Bridgerton

Tanqueray Gin partnered with the Netflix period drama “Bridgerton” to put a modern twist on the traditional tea time. The two launched the series of videos to coincide with the show’s second season. The series “Make it T-Time” social media campaign.

“Bridgerton” actor Jonathan Bailey and comedian Phoebe Robinson teach musician Joe Jonas (who the internet has claimed is an ancestor from the Bridgerton family) “how to be a Bridgerton.” Of course th, ey all consume Tanqueray cocktails.

Created to make the most of the crazed show and optimize to increase social media engagement, The show gave its fans the possibility of winning Bridgerton-inspired experiences by uploading photos of themselves dancing, drinking, and dressing up in a fashion for “T-Time.” Let’s raise a glass of champagne to that delicious user-generated content.

  • It is the best way to drink and sit down with your friends. Drinks with friends Harbin Sit-Pack Campaign.

Around the globe, The twenty-two FIFA World Cup meant gathering with friends for parties at home. For a large portion of people, particularly in China, that means a lot of people living in a small space with only a handful of seats.

We are pleased to introduce the Harbin Sit-Pack, a special beer multi-pack that can transform into a bench that can accommodate up to eight people and includes 10 Big Cans from Harbin Beer with exclusive FIFA designs.

The campaign went viral and had an immediate impact. Sit-Packs were distributed in just a minute during a live-streaming event. The brand’s rating as “it’s for young people,” “brand to share with friends,” and “innovative” grew significantly. The sales also increased beyond the time of activation. An advertising agency, BBDO, designed the highly effective campaign.

  • An exciting reason to go back to the bars — Guinness Korea Halloween

Okay, so this is an example of ours, but it’s also one of my absolute favorite things we’ve collaborated on. In the fall of 2020, when bars reopened in Korea following the first round of the COVID-19 virus, Guinness was looking to remind the public of the unique experience of going to the bar. The aim was to boost participation and to give customers the opportunity to perform with custom-made pints, personalized.

Customers could scan through the QR codes, then upload their photos and transform their Guinness drink selfies as well as “Stouties” into Count Dracula werewolves, Count Dracula, or any other nighttime creatures, offering bars a unique opportunity to remind their customers of the pleasure of going to the bar with a unique experience that you cannot enjoy at home.

At Ripples We at Ripples always keep our eyes on innovation and creativity, especially when they are combined to enhance the message of a brand and are specifically designed for their media of choice, whether it’s an ad in a magazine or YouTube or even the highest point of the pint. Are you happy with our picks for the top liquor and beer campaigns in the last 40 years?