How did we have the ability to cook prior to the advent online? It seems like we relied on cook books, cooking tv shows, and the knowledge passed by our grandmothers. Of course, the most adventurous would try their hand at cooking at the table, recollecting the results, while not focusing on any culinary failures.

There are a lot of food blogs with delicious recipes, tips as well as stunning photography which take us straight into our cooking area … and to the supermarket. There are many food blogs that are sure to please your taste senses.

  • 1. Love and Lemons


Love and Lemons has been developed by Jeanine Donofrio along with her partner, Jack Mathews (“#1 taste-tester”). The name is derived due to the fact Jeanine enjoys eating seasonal foods which is often topped off with the squeeze of lemon.

Most of the recipes found on the website are vegan.

The blog first appeared in the year 2011 and has since been recognized by top food magazines, including Food & Wine, Food52, Refinery29, SELF Magazine as well as Oprah Magazine. The blog was named the readers’ Choice Best Cooking Blog by Saveur Magazine in 2014, and was awarded the Saveur Editor’s Choice award in 2016.

If you’re looking for recipes You can narrow your search by holiday, season food, special diet, dish type or ingredient. There are actually just six recipes that use the ingredient lemon.

  1. Cookie and Kate


Cookie And Kate is about celebrating great food. Kate is Kathryne Taylor. Cookie is the dog she has, that Kate describes as being a “mystery mutt,” or according to a DNA test half schipperke and half dachshund/Australian Koolie mix.

Kate is a chef and photographer from Oklahoma. The blog was started in the year 2010 and is now working on it full-time.

Similar to many of the food blogs that are featured on this list, Cookie and Kate features vegetarian and whole food recipes.

The website makes it simple to locate recipes. Recipes can be searched by Cuisine, Course Diet, Everyday Ingredient or season.

  1. Minimalist Baker


Minimalist Baker is among those websites where the name is all that’s needed. It provides recipes made from plant matter that require only 10 or less ingredients a bowl or thirty minutes, or less for preparation. The site publishes new recipes every 3 days, and includes the combination of sweet and savory meals.

Dana Shultz is the recipe designer and blogger. She has a passion for experimentation with recipes and food photography. She’s even developing a Essentials of Building a Great Food Blog Course.

Despite the”baker,” despite the use of “baker” in the site’s name, it is a comprehensive source for varieties of (predominantly vegan) cooking – desserts and entrees snack foods, breakfasts, side dishes and drinks.


  1. Smitten Kitchen


Smitten Kitchen features delectable images of food items that must be consumed. It’s no wonder to learn that Smitten Kitchen has found great recognition among serious food lovers.

Smitten Kitchen summarizes itself as being “Fearless cooking from a tiny kitchen in New York City.” It was started by Deb Perelman, who was obsessed with the complexities of cooking and food. As she states on the About webpage, she is awestruck by the ability to get up and cook whatever she is craving the day.

The recipes form the basis of the site. The site focuses primarily on the stepped-up comfort food. The site also has a number of tutorials on subjects as diverse like how you poach eggs or how to create tart doughs that won’t shrink upon the user.

Deb is adamant about making use of ingredients that are readily available.

The Recipes page is divided into sections that break the recipes on the website into kind, and further subdivided for Meat, Fruit, Sweets, and Vegetables.

  1. 101 Cookbooks


Heidi Swanson’s 101 Cookbooks focuses on providing healthy and nutritious recipes for everyday use. It is currently offering more than 700 vegetarian, whole food vegan, instant recipe recipes for the pot.

Heidi started the blog in 2003, when she sat down to look through her extensive collection of cookbooks. She decided it was the right time to stop collecting and begin cooking. She had grown tired of repeating the same recipes over and over. She decided it was time to go through the books that she had in her collection.

As Heidi was working through the cookbooks she had, her abilities and cooking skills improved and she created her own collection of winning recipes.

Today, Heidi chooses and writes about recipes that are connected to her travels, lifestyle as well as her everyday passions. Most of the time, these recipes are part of the cookbooks she has, but occasionally it’s not.

Recipes and posts can be categorized by categories (e.g. whole grain pasta, vegan chocolate, etc.) according to ingredients or even by season.

  1. Budget Bytes


Budget Bytes is a website that provides delicious recipes for those with a small budget. It understands that we can’t afford expensive ingredients or prepare recipes that can take hours to make. It strives to serve those who have “Instagram taste and a peanut butter budget.”

Budget Bytes is the brainchild by Beth Moncel. She hopes to assist shoppers shop, cook, and eat well. She offers a wide variety of recipes through her site, as well as the cost analysis, cooking time, alternate preparation methods as well as step-by-step pictures of each recipe.

Beth has come up with six rules to help keep her budget for groceries in check and cut down on waste

  1. Plan your meals
  2. Use the ingredients with care
  3. Control of portions
  4. Don’t be scared of leftovers
  5. The freezer can be your ally
  6. Make wise purchases
  7. Closet Cooking


Closet Cooking follows Kevin Lynch’s effort to cook and come up with recipes in his small kitchen. Kevin discovered cooking was his obsession and passion in his pursuit to never have a boring meal ever again! Kevin finds it enjoyable to come up with innovative ways to prepare delicious food from a tiny kitchen!

Kevin has created 2600 recipes since the beginning of the website. He has given a prominent his place to the Top Recipes section that highlights his 100 most requested recipes.


Damn Delicious is the online home of Chungah Rhee (and her crazy corgi friend, Butters). While Chungah was raised in an old-fashioned Korean family, she is from Queens and is currently based at Los Angeles.

She started sharing her most-loved recipes online in 2011 via her Tumblr account, which later became the Damn Delicious blog. The blog is now home to a number of people who work together to develop the most delicious recipes.

It contains recipes, step-by-step instructions, and videos showing users how to prepare quick and simple meals for an every day cook.