The boss at the global level of SodaStream states that demand for at-home sparkling-water systems continues to grow despite the recent collapse of its local rival SodaKING and the general decline in consumer spending.

Victoria-based SodaKING, established in 2014 to sell gas cylinders and machines, was declared in administration at the beginning of June, though it is still trading.

SodaStream has been on the Australian market since the 1970s. CREDIT: AP

SodaStream Chief Executive Eyal Shohat described SodaKING as a worthy competitor and added that the company was not pleased to learn of the company’s circumstances.

“I think what happened to them is quite unfortunate,” Shohat declared on a week-long trip to Australia. “It’s not a reversal of the category. I’m aware of the numbers; the category isn’t going to shrink.”

SodaKING administrators are looking for an investor for the company.

Shohat claimed that being the only one in the field would not be good.

“The most flattering thing you can do is to be competitive … It is a good thing that we love competition. It keeps us engaged,” he said.

Consumers have been “trading down”branded products to private-label and home-brand items due to the increasing cost of living and cutting back on restaurant meals, takeaway meals, and coffees.

Shohat acknowledged the difficulties with household budgets but noted that sales had risen since the beginning of the year.


“In the last year to date, so from January to today, we see growth,” he stated. “We started to see a recovery in Australia; it’s actually quite an amazing recovery.”

SodaStream, the global CEO Eyal Shohat launched the rebranding plan last year.

SodaStream has declined to release numbers on revenue or sales.

It was introduced to Australia in the latter part of the 1970s and has maintained its market share. A global brand refresh has helped sales in the local market the Israeli-based company unveiled at the end of last year to redefine itself as a premium product.

The most recent financial statement filed at the Australian Securities and Investments Commission indicates that the company’s earnings after tax totaled $2.3 million in 2021. This is a drop from $2.5 million in the year before.

As part of his trip on his trip to Australia, Shohat has been traveling around the country to visit stores selling SodaStream and was impressed by the brand’s new positioning “coming to life” in retailers like JB Hi-Fi, the Good Guys, Woolworths, and Coles.



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“I think Australia is the most advanced market in the SodaStream world to implement our new repositioning to elevate the brand to create this holistic ecosystem of beverage for consumers,” the CEO said.

“This market for SodaStream has seen a massive growth. We’re getting into homes and households across Australia. Being here and seeing this, it’s incredible.”

To entice consumers to take notice and to increase spending, SodaStream recently launched a global campaign marketing that focuses on making consumers more imaginative and experimenting with their SodaStream flavors.

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