If there’s one thing I enjoy equally as flying and helping air passengers receive a compensation for their flight through ClaimCompass I’d say eating.

I believe that should the world ever be unable to breathe I’d be able to live by eating.

Do you know that I am a lover of more than travel or food?

When they go hand in hand!

If the number of food and travel blogs are any indication it’s not just me who’s alone. I’m sure we’re very similar in this case.

There are a lot of fantastic bloggers on the web, but when I need to satisfy my desire for food and travel inspiration I only look to a handful. They can be counted on each hand (literally).

You may be looking for ideas as a chef-tourist, want some ideas about what to cook while during your travels, or have photos from all four corners of the globe that make you hungry just from watching them If so, you’re in the right spot.

Are you looking forward to meeting some of the top food and travel bloggers?


Legal Nomads

Source: legalnomads.com. Picture by Euvie Ivanova

If you’re confused by this name, let me give you an reason:

Jodi Ettenberg was an attorney. However, that was before: Now she’s sharing her fantastic journeys through food.

The blog of a solo female traveler is a great source of inspiration for those who wants to follow the same path, brimming with of helpful tips and lessons learnt while traveling.

Being a celiac herself, Jodi had to deal with extra anxiety when traveling, constantly seeking gluten-free foods. Jodi has some excellent advice for you with regards to balancing travelling and adhering to a particular diet.

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Bucket List Journey


Annette isn’t just her own author “Bucket List Adventures” and the creator of an award-winning blog about travel called Bucket List Journey.

She is also owner of Sugo Trattoria, an Italian restaurant located in California in the area that was inspired by the wine of the region and family recipes from the past.

As you may have guessed that the adventurer is an expert in bucket lists. Foodies will definitely be very attracted by her 30 most important things foodies should be doing. For each thing on the list, she has provided sources to help you cross the items off! Aren’t you impressed?




Would you make a reservation for an air trip only to enjoy a delicious meal? Mark Wiens would and that’s precisely the way he operates!

“The “full-time travel-eater” might be something of a source for anyone who travels to eat. His food and travel blog is certainly among the top ones available.

Migrationology is brimming with delicious food suggestions and tips. Whatever your preferences are, or what part of the globe you’re heading to, Mark has the answer with extensive content that ranges from an Japanese Street Food Tour to the most delicious food on airplanes.


Girl Eat World


You may already be familiar with Melissa through her Instagram. If you don’t seriously take a look and I’m not going to ruin the posts for you (ok I’ll give you one hint that it’s the #FollowMeTo for food).

Melissa is taking on the world by eating one bite at a go and gives the specifics of her journeys. You’ll be enthralled through her posts about Asian as well as Middle Eastern food.

If you’re wondering if she has a meal plan during her travels there’s no answer She’s also a huge diver and has over 100 dives under her belt!


Nomadic Boys


The gay couple created by Stephan as well as Sebastien is one you won’t need to be missing out on. Between their travels promoting homosexual travel and tourism, they provide amazing dining experiences all over the globe.

“Travelling together has definitely tested our relationship. There have been many arguments, tears, and tantrums just as much as there are some incredible life changing moments that we have experienced together. But in the words of the almighty Dolly Parton, if you want the rainbow, you gotta put up with the rain! “

If you’re looking for advice regarding homosexual travel or the best way to prepare your favorite dishes check out the advice Stephan as well as Sebastien have to share.

The Nomadic boys have a fantastic World Recipes section for you to discover your ideas with recipes that come from Asia, South America, and Europe. You can also rate the recipes for yourself!


Drink Me


Are you not a fan of food as much as you drink? The people behind Drink Me are the most popular food bloggers for drinking alcohol-based drinks.

They share their knowledge of drinking around the globe like no other from wine to beer, including cocktails, and much more. You can be sure that you’ll know what you should drink next time you go on a trip!

As an Frenchman myself I discovered their guide to five Bordeaux to finish the day fascinating! It’s true that there isn’t a lot of people in France is aware of wine, it’s a misconception. If you have any questions you’d like to ask about Drink Me, do it instead.


The Travel Bite


The amazing photography on Rachelle Lucas the Food and Travel blog often make me hungry. You can trust her advice when planning your next culinary adventure.

Rachelle believes in a bonding experience over food while traveling. I could not agree more! Rachelle shares her most memorable memories of travel through recipes.

If you’re between trips from an environment that is at own home The Travel Bite can still give you the feel of travel: the blog offers a variety of recipes that are inspired by the cuisines of all over the globe starting from breakfast (can I please have some of these homemade hazelnuts and blueberry Granola Please?) to desserts (Mango sticky rice, anyone?)


Eat Like A Girl


When she’s not on the road, Niamh spends her time in wine and restaurant bars or in the kitchen cooking or writing recipes she conceived or discovered during her travels.

It’s exactly what she discusses the same information in Eat Like a Girl. In case you thought that this was an insult, reconsider: Niamh shows that girls are able to cook and eat food just like anyone else!

Even if you’re following restricted diet you’ll find lots of inspiration on her blog about food and travel. This is where you’ll find recipes to BBQ as well as vegan dishes as well as simple bites. I’m currently browsing through the sweet desserts category once more and find myself amazed by what’s inside!