Thanksgiving is about gathering with family and friends and practicing gratitude and expressing gratitude, but for foodies, the holiday is about eating. Food leftovers aside, however, Thanksgiving is only one dinner, and there’s the long weekend of celebration. If you’d like to add more spice to the celebration, you can add a dish of gravy and mashed potatoes with some of these inspiring food tours. From the hustle in New York’s Lower East Side to the bustle in Los Angeles, you can expect to discover delicious food, learn about local culture, and enjoy another option to take in the delicious. What are these recommendations? 1. Indulge in Creole and Cajun classics. The Big Easy is the perfect destination for big appetites, and this French Quarter food tour offers an accessible–and indulgent–introduction to many of New Orleans’ most-loved dishes. Get ready to taste traditional dishes from sugar-dusted beignets all the way to Gumbo (and to truly indulge in the good times rouler go at classic cocktails pair with). It is likely to sell out. New Orleans Food Walking Tour of the French Quarter with Small-Group Option 3506 Experience more of the city when you explore New Orleans’ food culture by following a tour guide. Make sure to stop by one of the most well-known French Quarter eateries to sample some of the region’s best cuisine.

Take advantage of tastings that include seafood Gumbo, Creole brisket, and Beignets. Find out fun facts from Your guide while you stroll through the city’s streets. If you decide to, you want to upgrade to a small-group tour that is limited to 12 people. …More 3 hours of free cancellation starting at Rs6,397.49 2. Be sure to make room for Chicago’s savory favorite dishes. A Thanksgiving meal is a perfect practice session prior to embarking on the Windy City walking tour. With delicious food options like deep-dish pizza and hot dogs “dragged through the garden,” and Italian beef sandwiches in Chicago’s most well-known cuisines, You’ll need to be prepared for some heart-pounding portions. Chicago Favorites Ultimate Food & Walking Tour 893 Stroll through the downtown area of Chicago in this walking food tour. Explore Millennium Park, the Palmer House Hotel, and many other city landmarks. Explore the most iconic Chicago dishes like deep-dish pizza, hot dogs, desserts, and chocolates. Food tastings are all included. The tour is only 1.5 miles (2.4 kilometers), suitable for all fitness levels. …More than 3 hours of free cancellation starting at Rs6,823.13 3.

Mix Charleston heritage with Lowcountry cuisine. Southern hospitality is available during this walking tour through Charleston, a city that is renowned for its food and Lowcountry traditional dishes. In between sampling everything from grits to Carolina-style barbecue (plus Thanksgiving-adjacent favorites, including cornbread and biscuits), you’ll learn all about the communities and cultures that have made Charleston such a culinary destination. Enjoy the flavors from Charleston walking food tour 811. Explore the deliciousness of Charleston’s Charleston food scene with the walking tours. With an expert guide, you’ll be able to learn about the food from the Lowcountry region as you walk around this city’s history and sample local products like the pralines made of stone, grits that are ground to stone, collard greens as well as South Carolina barbecue. The tour is limited to 12 guests for a small-group experience. …More 2 hours and 30 minutes Free cancellation from Rs8,103.48 4.

Discover Seattle’s Pike Place Market with a chef. Pike Place Market, which has been open since 1907 and is home to many various vendors and artisans–is one of Seattle’s top restaurants. This tour offers you the unique opportunity to visit Pike Place Market in the company of a local chef who will direct you to the best food items (and provide insider information about Seattle’s culinary scene while you’re there). The chef will likely sell out. guided food tours from Pike Place Market- 2 Hours 1699 Discover the culture and food at the most well-known of Seattle’s iconic landmarks, Pike Place Market, with this two-hour chef-led food tour. Discover where the chef’s shops and locals gather. Explore a variety of tastings at more than twelve different places, such as Beecher’s “World’s Best” Mac and Cheese, Local Color Cafe, and Britt’s Pickles. Ellenos Real Greek yogurt, and others. You’ll feel like an insider in this behind-the-scenes tour to taste the delicious flavors and sounds, as well as your senses and the sights of this historical attraction. …More 2 hours of free cancellation starting at Rs5,672.44 5. Explore The Lower East Side’s diverse cultural (and cuisine) mix with Manhattan’s Lower East Side has long been an area where people of diverse cultures mix and share space.

That is why it’s been among New York’s most popular neighborhoods for dining. Through this walking tour, you’ll be able to learn more about the area’s immigration history. At the same time, you whirl through dumplings in Chinatown, the freshest mozzarella available in Little Italy, and traditional Jewish Deli bites. NYC The History Of Lower East Side’s Food Culture Explore the various faces of Brooklyn food, from New American to Italian, the Middle East, and beyond. There are numerous delicious restaurants in the city’s Lower East Side. With this walk-in-group tour, please take a look at the neighborhood’s varied culture and discover how its rich immigration history has influenced its vibrant food scene. While walking, stop at bakeries, markets, and restaurants and try delicacies from all over the world. …More than 3 hours of free cancellation starting at Rs7,206.98 Prices vary based on a group size of 6. Experience an introduction to Cuban cuisine in The city of Miami. Little Havana is home to a vibrant Cuban community, as well as a myriad of family-owned Cuban bakeries, restaurants, and cafes. To experience a unique Thanksgiving, go on this walking tour and take your guide to the neighborhood’s spots, where you can try anything from seafood and empanadas to Cuban Guava-flavored coffee and pastries. Genuine Little Havana Food and Culture Walking Tour 503 Get to know the basics of Cuban traditions in Miami during this tour of culture and food in Little Havana. With an experienced guide leading the tour, you’ll explore important Cuban landmarks like Cuban Memorial Park and the Bay of Pigs Museum. You’ll hear in-depth information on Cuban traditions in Miami. Your guide will lead you to the best Cuban family-owned restaurants where you can taste Guava and stewed meats along with other delights. …More 2 hours 30 mins starting at Rs5,885.69 7.

Explore Philadelphia’s most well-known dishes. Philadelphia is the site of one of the biggest Thanksgiving Day parades in the country. This is no surprise since this City of Brotherly Love takes its food very seriously. You’ll need to rest between eating your pumpkin pie and getting on this food tour, which will allow you to taste Philly typical dishes, from cheesesteaks and soft pretzels all the way to tomato pie (and even dessert at the historic Reading Terminal Market). It’s likely to sell out flavors from the Philly Food Tour 304 Bypass the tourist-priced restaurants that offer poor food and walk through Philadelphia like a true local on the 2.5-hour walk through the city’s culinary landscape. Take your guide to the central area of the city and explore five unique eateries for a taste of the most famous Philly food favorites like cheesesteaks, tomato pie, and soft pretzels. Be sure to make room for not one more but two sweets from The Reading Terminal Market. …More than two hours and thirty minutes of free cancellation starting at Rs5,544.49 8.

Explore Georgetown’s diverse cuisine. Georgetown is among the most diverse neighborhoods in Washington, DC, and its eating scene offers a variety to rival. This walking tour combines a wide selection of dishes with a discussion of the local history; you’ll explore everything from tacos to Korean food items (and, appropriately, pies as a dessert). Most likely to sell out Gourmet Georgetown Food Tour 219 Come full of food and insights into this historic and culinary tour through Georgetown, with its roots dating back to Washington, DC. Explore Georgetown’s 250-year span of history, beginning with its beginnings as a port for the working class city to its present position as a thriving college district, as well as stopping to taste the wide range of delicious food options Georgetown offers. Tastings range in price from tacos and Korean Tapas to French dishes paired with wine. All tastes are part of the cost. …More 3 hours and 30 minutes Free cancellation from Rs6,823.99 9. Discover the best restaurants in Downtown Los Angeles.

With this small-group tasting tour through Downtown Los Angeles, you will not only enjoy your food with that perpetual LA sun, but you’ll find a growing foodie hotspot located in The City of Angels. Take your guide to popular local attractions like the iconic Grand Central Market, and enjoy a selection of pastries, eating barbecue, and visiting an artisanal cheese shop. Downtown Los Angeles Food Tour The opportunity to sample some of the most delicious foods in Los Angeles isn’t just about enjoying the local cuisine but also learning about the thriving food scene that is emerging within Downtown LA. This walking tour for foodies includes tastings of food at several of the most popular restaurants downtown. Begin your walk starting from Pershing Square. Enjoy the live narration of your guide about LA and Hollywood’s past, and learn more about local cuisine as you walk around. …More 3 hours free cancellation starting at Rs6,397.49 10. Discover one of the city’s most exciting (and delicious) neighborhoods. Inman Park is one of Atlanta’s most hip neighborhoods and is in large part because of its top-of-the-line dining options. This food tour will make exploring it simple. Between taking in the lush atmosphere of this historical area and walking along the fabled BeltLine as well, you’ll visit Krog Street Market, taste regional food, and enjoy a cocktail with a side of cocktails.