The capital of Greece is full of iconic ancient landmarks, most notably the 5th century BC Parthenon. However, look beyond the archaeological places and museums that are filled with treasures discovered. There’s an array of vibrant areas and squares with art galleries, cafes, and welcoming wine bars. Don’t miss the chance to purchase handmade treasures, too. There’s also a stunning coastline close by that is worth exploring and best done on a sailboat. If you want to get your first excursion to Athens started with a bang, get started with our tips for a successful trip. The reason you’re seeing these tips? Relive the past from Acropolis Acropolis It is the Acropolis is the most famous landmark of Athens for many reasons.

Avoid the crowds and skip the line. Athens, The main attraction of Athens, is without doubt the Acropolis as well as its many temples, with the most impressive being the Parthenon. Between April and October, you’ll want to get in line early to be able to get close and personal with the ancient monument that continues to astonish engineers. Make sure to book a skip-the-line tour prior to your visit so that you can take pictures of monuments like that of the Temple of Athena Nike and the Propylaia Gates glowing in the sunlight of the afternoon. If you’re able to spare more time, consider an extended tour that includes a stop at the Acropolis Museum. Explore the city’s rich history. This Panathenaic Stadium is like no place else in the world. |

landmarks like the Panathenaic Stadium and the Arch of Hadrian. History buffs shouldn’t ignore ancient landmarks like The Panathenaic Stadium, Kerameikos Cemetery, and the Arch of Hadrian. Explore the city on a bicycle or tuk-tuk. Segway. If you want more privacy and flexibility, you can choose an all-day, family-friendly tour. You can also make mythology for kids even more fascinating with an interactive tour with an expert guide who can bring Greek myths to life. A neighborhood tour through Athens Monastiraki is one of several vibrant Athens neighborhoods.

Check out street art, hand-crafted leather, and antique shops. Beyond the ruins of the past, Athens comes alive with the most strikingly different assortment of neighborhoods. Under the shadow of the Acropolis is Monastiraki, which is awash with historical monuments, shops selling items made of Greek design, and antiques in the nearby Psirri, which is known for its stunning street art and artisan-made leather items. Upscale Kolonaki’s boutique-lined streets, as well as galleries, attract well-heeled shoppers as well as modern art enthusiasts. Alongside Kolonaki is Exarchia, a non-conformist neighborhood that is filled with specialized bookshops, punk restaurants, and even streetwear shops. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, it’s best to ask an experienced local guide to provide you with an insider’s view during a half-day walking tour. Take a look at the sunset from Cape Sounion. Cape Sounion is the most stunning in Golden Hour. Capture an old temple in the best lighting. Experience a fiery sunset from Cape Sounion on a small-group tour. You will be able to admire the beautiful marble Doric columns in the Temple of Poseidon, erected in the year 444 BC, to honor the God of the Sea. The hilltop site is not just a viewpoint of the 5th century BC Athens but also offers stunning views of the area where it is where Saronic Gulf meets the Aegean Sea. Legend says that Athens was a king. Aegeus was thrown off the cliff after he was able to see his son Theseus on the ship with black sails and believed that he had perished. Enjoy a relaxing time at The Athens Riviera. The Athens Riviera is where to be in summer. I

Lift the sails before heading out on the catamaran. Just a short distance to the southwest of the city’s center is the glistening Athens Riviera, a string of beaches and coastal suburbs that stretch over 37 miles (60 kilometers) from suburbia Faliro all the way to Cape Sounion. You can reserve a spot for a half-day luxury catamaran cruise and embark on a sailing trip with a group through the Saronic Gulf. Relax with a dip and a snorkel (ideally between the end of May and October), and then enjoy an enticing Greek barbecue served on board. You can choose between a morning and evening departure, which will provide stunning sunset views. Foodies might prefer a food-focused monohull sailing. Explore Greek food and drink The Athens cuisine scene in Athens is fantastic.

Socialize and enjoy the flavors of the hoof. Greeks are serious about food, So you don’t want to miss a trip through the city’s thriving Central markets and Delis, as well as old-school and modern cafes, laid-back food joints and tavernas, and food-centric bars. Don’t eat breakfast in the hotel since you’ll need ample space to try a myriad of foods, ranging from donut-like loukoumades dipped in honey and regional cheeses to souvlaki and olives. Try making the perfect Greek recipe, or even two, by taking a cooking class or even a tasting tour. In the evening, you can check out the coolest bars in the city or enjoy top wines from Greece’s top wine regions. Explore further than Athens. Delphi is an exciting trip.

Take a trip through Delphi, Meteora, or Corinth. While in Athens, take advantage of the chance to visit the UNESCO World Heritage-listed sites during a fascinating day excursion. Explore the captivating historic site of Delphi and its tinier but important museum with a certified guide. Also fascinating are the majestic granite pillars that are located in Meteora, which are crowned by hundreds of years old Eastern Orthodox monasteries. If the biblical past is more than you’re looking for, walk in the steps of St. Paul on an excursion through the ancient city of Corinth as well as The Corinth Canal, which encompasses visiting the ancient marketplace where the sainted Christ was able to address the Corinthians. Explore Athens in the evening.

Take in the dramatic ruins lit by light and enjoy the bustling nightlife. With its imposing ancient temples and vibrant drinking and dining scenes, Athens shows its best aspect when the sun sinks beneath the skyline. Explore the Acropolis and the views of the city’s twinkling lights from the summit of Mt. Lycabettus during a night-time tour of Athens either by car or E-bike. Some tours finish with a thrilling performance of traditional Greek music and dancing in a local Taverna. The most trendy areas of Athens offer bars and restaurants full of people. drinks or food tours in the evening are a great way to explore the nightlife of the city and get an insider’s view. Explore the past in time to the Bronze Age.

Stroll through the ancient city of Mycenae. Greece is most famous for its architectural and classical art, but the country was inhabited for centuries prior to the time that the Greek Empire came to its position of power. Explore the prehistoric past in Mycenae, which is the UNESCO-listed site of the mighty Mycenaean civilization as early as 1500 BC. Explore the streets that King Agamemnon is believed to have walked. Then, leap ahead nearly millennia at the Theater of Epidaurus, an ancient acoustical marvel that was home to 14,000 people. Certain day trips out of Athens can also include a visit to the picturesque tourist town Nafplio to bring the culture to a halt with an excursion to the beach. Discover the place where the Olympics began.

Visit the location of the very first Olympic games. The saga of ancient history and sports fans alike love visiting the ancient Olympia, where they can witness the very first Olympics. The vast site is filled with magnificent ruins and top-of-the-line museums, which include the ruins of the gymnasium, stadium, and a host of temples, as well as the famous Archaeological Museum of Olympia. The site is located over three hours to the west of the city’s capital. Therefore, you should book tours that include transportation in order to get away from the hassle of driving around or taking public transport. Insider tip: Make sure to visit the exclusive Archimedes Museum while you’re there to learn more about the pivotal 3rd-century BC mathematician.