This unique marketing technology is designed to elevate the consumer experience of drinks to a whole new level.

Tel Aviv (Israel) September 22, 2022 Ripples announced today the launch of the Ripple II Pro. The beverage-top printer uses food technology and naturally changing colors to satisfy the growing demand from consumers for new drink experiences.

The patent-pending Chameleon Plus pods are made from flavorless cabbage extract and adjust to the pH level of a beverage. They print a spectrum based on blue and red hues, which beautify cocktails. Aqua, turquoise, or magenta, depending on the beverage’s acidity.

Dr. Assaf Zeeira, former Head of Food Technology for Ripples who tragically passed away at the beginning of 2022, created the exciting extract exclusively for the Ripple maker II Pro. Zeira created Ripples’ entire product line of plant-based printing cartridges, demonstrating the company’s commitment to food technology without compromising health.

Yossi Mehulam, CEO of Ripples, says that “serving up next-generation drinks to satisfy drink consumers from the next generation is not an easy task.” “Generation Y, and more importantly, Gen Z, keep food and beverages businesses on their toes because they have high expectations in terms of innovation, customization, and sustainability. This audience was in mind when the Ripple II Pro was designed. “We wanted to enhance their food and drink experiences and give them reasons to share on social media.”

The Ripple II Pro is equipped with a variety of upgrades to ensure a fast workflow. Dual pod holders allow baristas or bartenders the ability to print in two different colors on one drink. They also enable them to change extracts without changing pods. The new sensor technology automatically recognizes the cup dimensions and adjusts image size to keep prints centered. Or Asulin, mixologist at Poupee, says: “People love it when we top their cocktail with Ripples.” I am so excited about the new Ripple Maker II Pro version. It allows my team to surprise guests with the perfect cocktail and the perfect colored print each time.

About Ripples

Ripples, the innovator of Bev-Top Media, is a platform that provides creative solutions to increase sales and engagement for the Media, Food & Beverage, and Hospitality industries. The company’s Ripple maker, which has won awards, allows businesses that serve foam-topped drinks like draft beer, lattes, cocktails, and other beverages to create personalized drink designs in real-time. This supports promotional activities, social media sharing based on location, and brand awareness over the long term. Ripples platform includes a dynamic feed of content and tools for big data analytics to measure Bev-Top Media’s impact on business results.


Nine thousand six hundred seven trains have been delayed during the two-week campaign, and 750 have been cancelled. SWEBUS’s revenue increased by 6.1% despite all the discounts.

Personalization on Scale

A personalized experience can increase connection and loyalty, especially for Gens Y and Z. When it comes to making purchasing decisions, nearly 40 percent of millennials cite personalization and self-expression as essential. It is almost guaranteed that consumers will respond to a product where they can customize it or even change the design to suit their tastes.

What’s Your Whisky?

What’s Your Whiskey has created a questionnaire that helps consumers discover their taste in whiskey.

Instead of using vague words that only speak to whiskey experts, they asked simple video questions to evoke the users’ senses of smell and taste so that consumers can discover their unique taste profiles.

Nike By You

Nike takes personalization to another level. Nike lets users choose from dozens of shoe models and then customize the shoe to their tastes. This level of customization simply isn’t available anywhere else.

The Stoutie

Guinness and Ripples introduced the “Stoutie,” a selfie, at the Guinness Storehouse Dublin on International Stout Day. Stouties are selfies printed using the Ripple maker device on top of an aesthetically pleasing Guinness pint. Guinness beer is the perfect canvas to print Ripples’ high-resolution pictures. These fun Stouties give Guinness lovers yet another reason to love this iconic beer. People are happy to share their unique experiences with others, especially if it is customized for them. They also love to spread a brand’s message.