Kenya is a land with breathtaking landscapes, rich culture, and a culinary adventure that’s out of this world. Kenya’s food is a reflection of its rich history. It combines influences from Indian and Arabic cuisines with European, African, and European. Kenyan staples such as Ugali Nyama Choma and Githeri show the evolution of a hearty, flavourful cuisine.

Here’s a list of 20 foods from Kenya you must try to make your culinary experience truly memorable:

  • Ugali

Ugali is a staple of Kenyan food, and it’s made with three basic ingredients: cornmeal (cornmeal), salt, and hot water. This starchy dish is served with almost all Kenyan meals and is similar to Moroccan couscous. Ugali, which is usually served on a plate, can be eaten by tearing off a small piece, rolling it into a round ball, and creating a hollow in the middle with your finger. This will serve as a spoon. This is the perfect way to soak up stews, soups, and grilled fish or meat.

  • Nyama Choma

Nyama Choma, a Kenyan favorite, is all about grilled meat. It’s usually made with goat or beef and is seasoned to perfection. This smoky delight, with its zesty sauces, brings people together. Nyama Choma, whether you are a Kenyan or a tourist, is a culinary delight that everyone should try.

  • Githeri (Maize and Bean Stew).

Githeri is a beloved comfort food in Kenyan cooking. It’s a simple mixture of beans and maize. This hearty stew is enjoyed in Kenya and offers a nourishing simplicity. Beans and maize are combined to create a flavorful and satisfying combination. Githeri is a delicious, warm, and lovely dish that can be enjoyed at home or by street vendors.

  • Irio is a mashed peas and potato mix.

Irio, a mixture of mashed potatoes, maize, and peas, is an important element in Kenyan cuisine. This versatile side dish can be served with a variety of main dishes. This recipe involves combining these ingredients and mashing them together to create a hearty side dish.

  • Sukama Wiki (Collard Greens)

Sukuma wiki is Swahili and means “stretch a week.” It’s a popular leafy green among Kenyans. It is a nutritious side dish that’s usually sauteed in spices with onions and tomatoes. It’s not just delicious, but it is also a cost-effective and versatile way for Kenyan families to get vital nutrients.

  • Mandazi (fried doughnut)

Mandazi is one of the most popular snacks in Kenyan food. It’s usually eaten for breakfast or snacking with Kenyan tea and a deep-fried sweet doughnut. These pastries are available in a variety of shapes and sizes, and they’re usually flavored with spices like cardamom or coconut.

  • Kenyan Pilau and Kachumbari

Kenyan Pilau, a fragrant rice recipe seasoned with spices, is served with Kachumbari – a salad of fresh tomatoes and onions. Kenyan Pilau is inspired by Indian and Middle Eastern cuisines that are known for their spices. The tomato-onion dish Kachumbari adds an African touch to the salad.

  • Kenyan Stew

Kenyan stews are a tasty and filling meal that is an integral part of Kenyan cuisine. The stew is usually made from beef or goat and cooked until tender. It is then flavored using spices such as garlic, ginger, and coriander. It’s traditionally eaten with Ugali or rice.

  • Matoke (Plantain Banana Stew)

Matoke is a dish made of plantain bananas cooked in a flavorful and rich sauce. Plantains are usually simmered in a mixture of spices with tomatoes and onions, creating a tasty and sweet stew. Matoke, a popular comfort food in Kenyan homes, is usually served as a side.

  • Mutura (Kenyan Sausage)

Mutura is made of meat and spices. This is a popular Kenyan street food that’s full of flavor. Vendors grill it so that it is deliciously smoky. Mutura is popular among locals and a great street food for tourists. This is a tasty, simple snack that represents Kenyan cuisine well.

  • Kuku Paka (Creamy Coconut Chicken Curry)

Kuku Paka, a Kenyan favorite, is chicken cooked in coconut curry sauce. This curry is a delicious combination of tender chicken, fragrant spices, and coconut milk. This curry is a favorite in Kenyan homes, and it’s often served along with staples such as rice or chapati.

  • Wali wa Nazi (Coconut Rice)

Wali wa Nazi is Kenyan coconut rice. The rice is cooked with coconut milk, spices, and other ingredients to give it a unique, slightly sweet flavor. It is usually eaten with Kenyan dishes and adds a special flavor.

  • Mukimo (Mashed Dish)

Mashing legumes and vegetables like beans, maize, greens, and potatoes can make Mukimo. The ingredients are cooked, mixed, and spiced. Mukimo is usually served as a side with stews of meat or main dishes. The name “Mukimo” means “to combine” in Kikuyu. This reflects the practice of mixing ingredients. Mukimo, also known as “African Irish,” is a dish that combines mashed potatoes and greens.

  • Wali wa Kukaanga (Kenyan Fried Rice)

Wali wa Kukaanga, or fried rice, is often spiced and mixed with meat and vegetables. This name, which combines Swahili (Wali) for rice and the local language (Kukaanga) for frying, represents Kenya’s rich culinary tradition. Wali na Kukaanga can be served as a main dish or a side, depending on the ingredients.

  • Ingoho (Kenyan Fried Chicken)

Ingoho, a Kenyan dish of fried chicken, is marinated in spices, garlic, and ginger. Sometimes, it also contains chili. The chicken is deep-fried until crispy, creating the perfect blend of tender meat with a savory coating.