When ordering coffee, you have many questions. The barista will spell out your name on the cup. What size should I get? What does Venti mean?

What do grande and Venti mean at Starbucks?

Here are the sizes that Starbucks offers: tallgrandeVenti, and Trenta.

We’ll briefly discuss tall. Many people consider this designation to be an example of corporate language manipulation. Tall rhymes with ” Small but has a meaning that is close to the contrary. This encourages consumers to consider the size of their beverage and the size of their bill less.

It is interesting to note that the tall drink was not always the smallest size. Customers who asked for ever larger drinks could be partly responsible for the name.

According to the Starbucks website, Howard Schultz visited Italy for the very first time in 1983. He fell in love with “the romance and theatre of coffee.” The first Starbucks opened in Milan, Italy, in 2018.

Schultz’s first coffeehouse, Il Giornale, offered three sizes. Smalltall, and grand. Schultz discontinued the short when Venti (as a result of popular demand) was introduced.

What are the actual meanings of these sizes? Why not call the 16-ounce bottle sedici, which is Italian for “sixteen”? Grande may be because it conjures up associations with great. Why not apply the same logic to the other two sizes and use names that are reminiscent of English terms? The Venti and Trenta names are less familiar to consumers. They can help them forget about the price or Calories of what they’re about to drink.

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