Nestle UK & Ireland launched a corporate campaign called ‘Nescafe behind the Beans,’ aimed at increasing consumer awareness and building trust.

Nestle UK and Ireland launched a six-week campaign called ‘Nescafe behind the beans’ to increase consumer trust and awareness about its coffee expertise.


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  • Mike Clark and Giuseppe Tosto from Bio-Rad describe how the new ID Check Speciation solution of their company fights serious food fraud cases.
  • Stephen Goldman highlights the numerous gaps in the regulation of the cannabis products industry.
  • Why MAP testing may be required to validate the mixtures of gases in sealed containers of foods and drinks.
  • NEMIS Technologies AG discusses a transparent assessment of the N Light(tm), Listeria Monocytogenes Test.
  • Colleagues at The Institute for Global Food Security present promising results of a study that aimed to refine the approach they take to testing authenticity using data fusion.
  • Whirl Pak’s reflections on sustainability in the collection and analysis process.
  • Shimadzu introduces its fully automated test solution for the detection of mineral oil in food and packaging.

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Jasmine Bilham is the Senior Brand Manager for Nescafe at Nestle UK & Ireland. She said, “We are proud to be a manufacturer of Nescafe – the nation’s favorite coffee. We love it, and we also love the people who make this drink.”

Since 1959, we have been producing Nescafe at our factory in Tutbury. It was originally built in 1901 as a Nestle Milk Factory and has been a part of this community in Staffordshire for more than 120 years,” said Bilham.

We invite you to join us for a ‘behind-the-beans’ tour of our Tutbury factory. Get a peek behind the scenes and discover more about our passion for great coffee.

The campaign focuses on four main areas. David Guest, Nescafe’s Production Manager, will share the manufacturing process that goes into Nescafe’s coffee production. David Guest, Nescafe Production Manager, will give a 60-second tour of the Tutbury Factory. He will also show attendees the Nescafe Freeze Drying Plant.

Jas McNaught will explain the difference between quality and taste. He is the Technical Manager of Nescafe. Jas McNaught runs the sensory room in the Nescafe plant at Tutbury, where they test the quality of Nescafe.

Gareth Jones will also share insider knowledge on sustainability initiatives in the factory. He will explain how each year, 50,000 tonnes of coffee grounds are used to generate steam for coffee at Nescafe’s factory in Tutbury.

Frances Toye, a retired Nestle employee, and Anthony Ball will present their experience from working in the factory. This will give consumers an idea of the community and heritage behind the coffee.

Nestle invites coffee lovers to see behind the scenes at the Tutbury factory and allows them to meet the team. This is a great way to show off the production process but also to share the passion and dedication that goes into the making of coffee.