Sustainable events are better for the environment, but they’re also better for you and your brand. According to 94% of Gen Zs and 87% of Gen Ys think that companies need to address urgent environmental concerns. It is no surprise, then, that sustainability has been a top priority for event planners.

Suppose you expect a long list of regulations that will stifle the creativity of your program; be prepared to be surprised. Here are ten things you can do to make your event carbon-neutral.

Reduce Your carbon footprint.

1. Incentivize Sustainable Travel. Since the majority of event emissions (up to 90%) are emitted by travel, event creators offer greener alternatives. At this year’s International Music Summit, the organizers sponsored a sustainable travel initiative, such as cycling or taking a ferry. Ben Turner, event co-founder, says that people who travel over are asked to take a photo of their ferry tickets and receive a discount.

2. Make it easy for guests to get to your venue. Provide guests with directions to all public transportation and options within walking distance.

3. Choose to go virtual. Travel-free events are the most effective way to reduce your event’s carbon footprint. Virtual events will remain even though the pandemic has largely passed. They offer many advantages to event organizers. The biggest benefit is the increased budgets available for well-known speakers and presenters.

Food: Reduced food waste and low-impact menus

4. Plant-based meals are a great way to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and be more mindful about your meat. Did you know that beef production produces ten times more greenhouse gasses than chicken?

5. Plant-based milk is a great alternative to regular milk. You can choose from a variety of alternative milks, including potatoes and oatmeal. Serve your drinks in edible cups.

6. Partner with food donation programs. By partnering with programs such as Too Good to Go that donate food, businesses like cafes, restaurants, and hotels can better utilize surplus food. Profits increase, and food is wasted less.

7. Local ingredients are best. Local food is not only less carbon intensive but also allows you to highlight traditional and artisanal local foods. This will help you to highlight the location of your event and make it memorable for attendees.

8. Select food that is less likely to spoil. Did you know one-third of all food is never eaten and that this accounts for 6% of global greenhouse gases? Three times more than the entire aviation sector! You can reduce this number by a great deal as an event producer. You can make food available for longer and, depending on the packaging (look at compostable options as well), leftovers can also be donated rather than thrown away.

Share: Invite people to your party and tell them about your efforts

9. You should educate your audience about the benefits of your eco-friendly choices and their impact. You will gain the trust and loyalty of your audience, as well as brownie points.

10. Keep the Landfills Away From digital programs to compostable cups, and limit the items that will end up in the trash. Forget about branded giveaways.


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This billboard will cool your Heineken. Cheers.”

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