This summer, you can take note of Blair Lonergan of The Seasoned Mom food blog and make a fantastic batch of banana pudding that she describes as “a go-to dessert in the south for summer picnics, potlucks and get-togethers.”

As Lonergan says, this recipe is the simplest method she has discovered to “satisfy that craving for a cool, creamy treat using store-bought ingredients you can whip up in just a few minutes.”


It will only require a handful of ingredients to make this, and the possibilities for toppings (whipped cream, chocolate chips, and blueberries sound right) are practically limitless.

Make an ice cream recipe from Blair’s “divine banana pudding” this summer. It’s the perfect dessert for summer parties. (The Seasoned Mom)

Check out the recipe below.

Easy Banana Pudding by Blair Lonergan of The Seasoned Mom

Creates nine servings

Prep time 15 minutes

Cooking time: 0 mins (4 4 hours of chilling)



1 (11 1-ounce) package vanilla wafers

1 (3.4 1 ounce) smaller (4-serving) box of vanilla instant pudding mix (plus the 2 cups of milk that is called on the label to make the pudding)

This easy recipe needs a few ingredients. You may already have a few items in your refrigerator or pantry. (The Seasoned Mom)

3-4 large ripe bananas thinly cut (plus additional to garnish)

8-ounce container of frozen whip topping (such as Cool Whip) and then fixed and thawed



1. Make the dessert by the directions on the packaging. Cool and then set aside.

2. Place vanilla wafer cookies in one layer on top of an 11x seven-inch baking dish. I employed 24 cookies per layer.

3. Use a spoon to apply half of the pudding (approximately 1 cup) over the cookies.

4. The pudding can be topped with one piece of banana slices.

5. Continue the layers beginning with cookies.

6. The final layers of slices of bananas with the topping made of whipped cream.

7. Refrigerate for at minimum 4 hours (or for up to an overnight). Before serving, decorate with vanilla wafers and banana slices if you wish.