Selling food online has become a viable business model thanks to the ecommerce boom. You can ship homemade sauce, but shipping delicate and perishable baked goods is a whole new way to expand your food shipping business. You can ensure that your customers receive safe, fresh, and intact baked goods. We will help you ship baked goods to any bakery that you manage.

How to send baked goods in the mail?

You can send pastries by priority mail if you are sending baked goods that are sturdy. To preserve baked goods’ quality, overnight shipping is the best way to send them. For fragile or temperature-sensitive items like cheesecakes, overnight shipping isn’t just beneficial. It’s required. Follow our step-by-step instructions to ship or mail baked goods, regardless of whether you are shipping them by mail or airmail.

  1. Send Baked Goods in a Box for Shipping

The type of sweet treat you are shipping will determine the best packaging. You must ensure that they are securely packed in their shipping containers. Nothing is more disappointing than receiving a stale pastry in the mail. Here are some tips for shipping sweets to preserve their structural integrity.

How to package baked goods for shipping?

These are the guidelines for packaging baked goods for shipping.

  1. Cool baked goods before packing. Only package cooled baked goods.
  2. Secure each item. Wrap individual treats in food-grade bags or parchment paper to keep them safe. You can also wrap individual treats to prevent sticky treats from joining.
  3. Do not leave any room for error. Fill in any gaps with foam or bubble packaging.
  4. Give the package a shake. Add cushioning to the package.
  5. Get an elevated unboxing experience.

Your primary concerns should be food safety and product quality. However, your customers should also have a great unboxing experience. Packaging and tins that are memorable create excitement. Customers will share their experience unboxing on social media. This is free advertising. This can increase brand loyalty and encourage repeat purchases.

How to create the perfect unboxing experience?

Unboxing has one primary purpose: to improve your customers’ value perception. Customers evaluate the quality of your package and decide whether it is worth buying. We explain below how to make your unboxing experience perfect, from how you package it to how you store it.

  1. Make sure you package your baked goods in branded boxes. This builds anticipation, and customers can identify where the package came from when it arrives.
  2. Use sustainable packaging materials. Customizing the internal materials will tie your overall aesthetic together. Include an insert that shares your information about sustainable packaging with your customers if possible. Brand loyalty can be boosted by environmental responsibility and earned respect.
  3. Layout your products carefully. Use dividers for product placement. Think about the colour scheme and how it complements your items. Check out the hashtags #flatlay and #unboxing on social media for inspiration.
  4. Offer free samples. This encourages repeat business and exposes clients to other product lines. Consider adding a sample of your cake pops to a customer’s order of banana bread.
  5. Personalize your package. From personalized gift packaging to handwritten notes, personal touches can make a big difference in brand loyalty.
  6. Leverage Inserts. The physical inserts are heavier than the emailed information. Coupons, product promotions or stickers can be added.
  7. Mark the package perishable. This information is for the recipient, not the carrier. You want your baked goods to be opened immediately if someone gives them baked goods as gifts. Use a “use before” sticker to let recipients know when the baked goods were made and how long they enjoyed them.
  8. Select a shipping service. It is up to you to decide how to ship your baked goods. Ground delivery is cheaper, but air delivery will keep your perishable goods fresher, especially if they are being shipped to distant states. You will need to weigh your packages as their weight can affect shipping costs. Select overnight, next-day, or two-day air shipping to keep temperature-sensitive items edible.

Ask customer service representatives from different carriers to determine which one you like the most. Your bakery’s online business success depends on its customers receive their orders promptly and intact. Your shipping company should be able to work well with you.

What is the shipping cost for baked goods?

Based on the weight and dimensions of your baked goods, the carrier will calculate the shipping cost. Easyship offers a shipping cost calculator which compares all of your shipping options.