Fondant-covered cakes may be something you have seen at recent weddings or on baking shows. Fondant can cover cakes in a seamless, smooth way that allows for additional decoration.

Buttercream is one of the most versatile toppings for cakes and is extremely popular spread between cakes too. Buttercream is made of 2 main ingredients; butter and icing sugar. Once you have these two mixed, you can add various flavours or colours to bring them to life.

If you want to make it a chocolatey affair, try our chocolate buttercream made with melted chocolate in it.

Buttercream can be piped into different textures to form some really dramatic results. If you don’t have a piping bag, start with a sandwich bag. Fill the bag with the icing, squeezing it down to one of the bottom corners and snip the bottom corner off – and this is where you’ll pipe from! The cut size is up to you – we recommend you start small and keep getting bigger – much easier than trying to decant the mixture to another bag if you cut too big! 

What is Fondant?

Fondant is an icing used to decorate cakes and other baked goods. Fondant is typically rolled into thin sheets then draped over the cake’s top to give it a smooth appearance. This coating is valued for its ability to withstand temperature fluctuations better than buttercream and for its blank canvas when it comes time to decorate.

Fondants can also be used to make three-dimensional decorations. It can also be rolled to create flowers. Fondant is available in many flavours and colours. Plain fondant can be easily customized with food colouring or flavouring. This is why many bakers use fondant for its versatility.

What is Poured Fondant?

Poured fondant, a liquid icing, is used to cover baked goods. It’s made the same way as rolled fondant but contains more liquid to thin it. It needs to dry after being poured to avoid smudging. You can thicken this type of fondant to make pastries and candies. Many chocolatiers use flavoured fondants to fill their chocolates. You may also find it in eclairs as a substitute for pastry cream.

What’s in Fondant?

Fondant is made from sugar, water, and corn syrup. Fondant used for sculpture is usually more structured and contains gelatin. Bakers also use marshmallow fondant. It is made of melted marshmallows and powdered sugar.

Is Fondant Edible?

Fondant can be eaten 100%. Fondant can sometimes be seen being removed from baked goods by the media. This is because people don’t like its texture or flavour.

What is Fondant Cake?

Sometimes the term “fondant”, however, is used to describe certain types of baked goods. In France and the UK, fondant can refer to a chocolate cake with a molten centre, such as what Americans call chocolate lava cakes. Fondant fancies are small cakes covered in fondant. Fondant cakes are generally defined in the USA as cakes that have been coated with fondant rather than buttercream or any other icing.

Fondant can be used to give your cakes a professional and seamless look. Fondant can be made from sugar, water and corn syrup and can even be thinned to make a liquid that you can dip or pour. This versatile coating is a great way for bakers and confectioners to be creative with their creations.