Ripples CEO Yossi Mehulam presented several case studies at the Spirits Innovation Conference held in London to show how beer and spirit brands can innovate to differentiate their brands.

Here are some of the marketing strategies that he shared, as well as takeaways you can use – regardless of your brand size or budget.


Juplier, the official sponsor of the Belgian National Football Team Red Devils since 1989, launched the RED INSIDE Euro 2020 campaign. The RED beer (same flavor but a new color) was offered to help fans ride the wave of red all the way to the quarterfinals with their team. The campaign led to the sale of 27 hectoliters and an audience of 22 million.

Takeaway: You don’t have to create a buzz all by yourself! Find a way of being a part of a larger conversation surrounding a high-profile event.


Sydney’s temperatures can reach 47°C (116°F) in January. Sydney Beer Co.’s Summer Price Index makes sure this isn’t a bad thing. The beer price drops when the temperature rises. The campaign generated 7500+ engagements on digital platforms, more than 7,500 sales, and media coverage of 16,000,000.

Takeaway: Connect the price to the consumption time of the product.

Create a dynamic mechanism of engagement so that your customers can check in with you every day so that the interaction becomes habitual.


Heineken uses only renewable energy in its entire production process. Heineken built a solar-powered billboard at the popular Brewteco bar to celebrate this milestone in sustainability and their goal to have 50% of all sales points in 19 Brazilian cities powered by renewables by 2030.

This billboard will cool your Heineken. Cheers.”

Takeaway: Your marketing efforts are more effective if you combine innovation with a clear message. Think about the bigger story that you want to tell. This billboard represents climate change, but it is also a great way to get people talking about Heineken brand values.

The GUINNESS Stoutie – Your face on a PINT

The STOUTie is a pint of Guinness that has a selfie imprinted on the head. According to the Guinness Storehouse’s website, “In true innovation spirit, The STOUTie is a pint of Guinness with a selfie printed on the head.”

Takeaway: Selfies of drinks have been shown to go viral. Each pint includes the Guinness Storehouse Logo, making it a simple and scalable way to increase brand awareness and reach.

This is the easiest way to implement a marketing campaign for your bar or company if this article inspires you. You could have your campaign up and running by next week.