Budweiser beer will be printed with live scores and statistics for football fans in Qatar.

We’re thrilled to announce that in November, we will be partnering up with AB InBev (parent company of Budweiser) to bring football fans a unique game-watching experience.

We have integrated the live data with our Bev Top Media platform. This will translate, in real-time, live scores and game stats, as well as fan messages, into content that is printed on Budweiser foam at the game.

Michael Codd is the AB InBev Global Martech Experiential Marketing Director. He said that Budweiser was committed to bringing innovative experiences to its fans as part of its support for football and its worldwide fans. This partnership will bring Ripples to the next stage, providing big data analytics and cohesive global brand activation to a major sponsorship of the largest international sporting event. We can’t hold our breath.

This billboard will cool your Heineken. Cheers.”

Takeaway: Your marketing efforts are more effective if you combine innovation with a clear message. Think about the bigger story that you want to tell. This billboard represents climate change, but it is also a great way to get people talking about Heineken brand values.

The GUINNESS Stoutie – Your face on a PINT

The STOUTie is a pint of Guinness that has a selfie imprinted on the head. According to the Guinness Storehouse’s website, “The STOUTie is a pint of Guinness with a selfie printed on the head.”

Takeaway: Selfies of drinks have been shown to go viral. Each pint includes the Guinness Storehouse Logo, making it a simple and scalable way to increase brand awareness and reach.

This is the easiest way to implement a marketing campaign for your bar or company if this article inspires you. You could have your campaign up and running by next week.