The French Martini is a trendy cocktail that became popular throughout the decade of 1980s. Although it is not named, it was developed within the United States, with disputed origins. According to one story, the bar manager Keith McNally who mixed vodka, Chambord, and pineapple juice in “The Odeon” bar in New York City. Another version of the story traces its origins to a bartender named Chambord in The Hotel Ritz in Paris. No matter where it came from, the French Martini’s fruity and sweet taste makes it a popular tradition on cocktail menus all over the world.

This is among the very first recipes we have shared, which gets its frothiness by using pineapple juice, which gives a smooth and creamy consistency to the beverage. Here are some techniques to achieve the best results when creating pineapple foam

  • Select fresh pineapple juice: Whenever possible, make use of freshly squeezed pineapple juice in your drink. Fresh juice usually has more proteins and enzymes that help create an extra strong and sturdy foam.
  • Shake vigorously for about a minute: To produce the appearance of foam, shake the ingredients vigorously using the help of ice. The shaker’s action releases air into the mix, which aids in the creation of the appearance of a fluffy and light foam.
  • Make use of Dry Shakes: Before adding ice to the shaker for cocktails, make an initial “dry shake” first. This involves shaking the juice of the pineapple and other ingredients without using ice for around 10 to 15 minutes. Dry shakes help to emulsify the drink and improve the foam.
  • Incorporate spirits with high alcohol content: Using shades with greater alcohol content, like vodka, can contribute to more effective foam when combined with the juice of a pineapple. The alcohol helps stabilize the structure of the foam.
  • Double strain The Cocktail: When pouring the drink into a glass, make use of a fine mesh strainer to stop any ice chunks or bigger pieces from breaking the foam.

Make sure to remember that achieving an ideal foamy cocktail might require some time and experimenting. It is always possible to add a bit of egg white or, our top option, dried aquafaba into shakers to create the stability of a longer-lasting, stable foam. However, with a bit of fine-tuning and attention to the smallest of details, it is possible to make the most beautiful and delicious Ripples-topped mix, with fruit juice being the primary ingredient.

French Martini

It’s a 1980s classic that is probably not French and certainly isn’t martini servings. Calories223kcal


  • Cocktail Shaker
  • Strainer
  • Rippe Maker


  • 2 oz vodka
  • 1 oz chambord (raspberry liqueur)
  • 1 oz fresh pineapple juice
  • Ice


  • Incorporate your vodka, Chambord well, and pineapple juice into your cocktail shaker
  • Shake dry for about 20 seconds
  • Add ice, shake, and then wet for one minute. Shake vigorously
  • Pour the drink into the four oz. martini glass and fill it with ice
  • Finish with your most-loved Ripples print

Garnish 3.0

In the 80s, you might have wished to go to an establishment where everyone knew your name. However, in 2023, you’d love an establishment that can write the name of your patron (or even a photo of your pet!) over your most loved cocktail. Ripples bev-top is a great way to take your cocktail garnish to a new level. One that transforms foam drink into a blank canvas that can be printed with customized designs on a large scale with just 10 minutes per drink.

It is possible to print virtually everything, from high-resolution images as well as fun doodles, holiday greeting cards, regional promotions, and even special deals. Customers can also submit photos and designs of their own through their photos and techniques using the Ripples Web App, which allows you to add custom drink frames to each print. This will ensure that you receive exposure when customers post pictures of their drinks on social media. Our friends from The Last Word created this stunning topper for a wedding reception.

Improve your Rims

Why not just have salted margaritas? Unexpected rims can be like a party at the high end of the bottle. They are fascinating, interesting, and enjoyable. As well as making use of the water method to moisten and hold the dip, you prefer to try other liquids like cider, syrup, juice, or beer.

This is the same for the choice of solids. Granulated or crushed candy and spices can be mixed with the proper liquid to produce interesting flavors and give depth to your drinks. We love this new design of a grasshopper with a rim of chocolate.

Final thoughts on ideas for cocktail garnishes

The suggestions presented here will inspire you to the numerous possibilities and opportunities garnishes of cocktails can provide your business. Utilize them in innovative ways to distinguish yourself from the rest and draw your customers in. It’s guaranteed to leave your audience with a pleasant taste in their mouths.